In a world full of changes, the dance community is no different.
The Dance Directory which has been a service to the dance community for nearly 30 years with a few facelifts and user-driven changes over time.

A change of Cost structure for standard directory entries. (includes print, online and app)

Studio/Operator standard entries – $80 with any directory purchase, (bulk orders are 10 or more books) standard listings are included fee-free.

CostsĀ  for Display-Advertisements (blocks, 1/4 pages, pages etc) remain as previous years, you can book using the form below.
Cost for Event-Advertisements are listed in the form

Please use the quick click choices in the form below to see pricing and book print placement.
(leave a detailed message if no answer to save a callback if preferred) or we are a quick email away …

Ad Booking and Pricing


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  • Print ready NO BLEED artwork .. Files accepted - PNG - JPEG - PDF. Not less than 300 dpi.. If that's all gobbldy gook to you just let us know and we will take care of it see below...when you choose your ad size above

Studio or Class listings


Ball or dance event listings..

  • If you haven't already done so, feel free to check out the display ad options if you would like to advertise your event even further.
  • Please note: If you have any hard copy advertisement booked, we give you an amazing price of $50 for an online advertisement on our website as well Your information (as much as you need) will be available for viewing by all traffic, and if it is an event or promotion, we also send it out to our subscriber list on a regular basis (depending on your targeted needs)

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If you do not wish to pay via paypal – simply complete the form and we will process manually via Invoice for you. (prepaid orders)

Please have a serious think about the Dancers App.
While a number of studios have not been welcoming of the app, we can assure you the vast majority of dance patrons want one.
400 plus operators all have their own reasons and business case needs, many hundreds of dancers have theirs.
The fear of “seeing the opposition” in the same area/time frame is the one most sited by studios and operators and we are working ways around this but we cannot do it without your help.