The world of Sequenced Ballroom Dance, has had many dance teachers and enthusiasts alike gliding, sliding and twinkling across floors the world over.

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AcrossThe foot position where one foot is placed on or over the path of the other.
AcrossA step taken in the direction of the foot position described in #1.
ActionA movement or type of movement (e.g. Pivoting Action, Lowering Action).
ActivateTo set in motion (e.g. Activate the moving leg).
Adagioa tempo marking for music
AlemanaAn underarm turn - the lady turns to the right under the right hand, used specifically in International Rumba and Cha Cha.
AlignmentThe direction that the feet are pointing in relationship to the room and to the line of dance. Alignment can also indicate the direction of the movement.
AlignmentThe positioning of the different body parts relative to one another. Proper alignment is achieved by vertically lining up the different "blocks of weight" of the body (head, shoulders, abdomen, and hips), allowing for the natural curve of the spine.
AmalgamationA combination of two or more patterns or movements.
AmateurA person who does not seek financial gain from the teaching or performing of dancing.
American smoothA subset of the American Style of Ballroom Dancing which includes the following 4 competitive dances: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and Viennese Waltz.
American styleA type of ballroom dancing which evolved from social dancing and is now a fully recognized competitive style of dancing. The 9 main American dances are divided into two groups: (1) American Smooth, consisting of: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz (2) American Rhythm, consisting of: Cha Cha, Rhumba, East Coast Swing, Bolero, Mambo
Amount of turnThe amount of rotation of the feet which occurs on one step, or between two consecutive steps. In the charts, rotation is measured in fractions of a full turn. Body rotation is indicated only when different from the feet.
Anchor stepA type of triple step where the feet stay anchored in one place.
AnticipationPremature action taken by the follower, before signal is given by the leader.
ApartAny dance position where the man and lady have no points of contact. Since there is no physical connection, the use of apart position is limited to visual lead and follow, or open choreographed dance routines.
AppelAn accented movement in place, where the body weight is dropped sharply onto a flat foot. The Appel usually marks the beginning of a strong directional movement.
ArabesqueA position of the body where the free leg is extended straight behind the body, usually lifted off the floor.
Arc turnAn underarm turn - the lady turns to the right under the right hand, or to the left under the left hand.
ArchThe part of the foot between the ball and the heel, which forms the shape of an arch.
Argentine tangoA style of Tango which originated in the streets and salons of Buenos Aires, characterized by its passionate hold and complex leg and foot movements.
Arm stylingPositioning and movement of the arms, reflecting the character of a dance or style of dancing.
AssociateThe first complete level of the International style syllabus, representing the foundation of movements and basic dance concepts.
AttitudeA body position where the free leg is raised with the knee bent.
Axis of rotationAn imaginary vertical line around which the body turns. Depending on the type of rotation, the axis can run through the center of the body, through one of its sides, or outside of the body altogether.
Back lineThe line across the back of the shoulders, from elbow to elbow. In Closed Position, a good Back Line is expansive and slightly rounded, with no pinching of the shoulder blades.
Back to back positionDance position where man and lady face away from each other.
BackingIn dance - a term used in the description of Alignments, to specify movement which is backward ( i.e. Backing LOD, Backing DC ).
Backward tango closeA Tango Close which begins with the man stepping back on the left foot.
BalanceThe correct distribution of body weight between the feet or over the standing foot.
BBallFootwork - A "ball" step is taken without the heel in contact with the floor, but with little or no rise resulting in the body.
BallThe rounded part of the foot between the toes and the arch.
Ball-changeA series of two consecutive steps, the first step being taken with the ball of the foot only. The rhythm is usually syncopated.
BFBall-flatFootwork - A "Ball-Flat" step is taken first with the ball of the foot in contact with the floor, and then with the whole foot flat.
BHBall-heelA "Ball-Heel" step is taken first with the ball of the foot in contact with the floor, and then with the whole foot flat. In the Latin dances, when a Ball-Heel step is being taken, the heel of the
BarA unit of music representing a group of consecutive beats. The number of beats in a bar or measure is measured by the time signature.
BaseThe lower half of the body, including the feet, legs and hips.
Basic figureA standardised step pattern which, together with other patterns, constitute the basis of a dance.
BeatA steady and continuous pulse in the music, 123 123 or 1&2&3&4& etc. One single pulse of music. Beats are usually arranged into groups of 2, 3, or 4, called measures.
Beat valueThe duration of a note measured in beats. In dance eg: Foxtrot/Rhumba slow count is two beats.
bet.BetweenAmount of Turn
BlendingThe skillful combining of movements in a smooth and natural manner.
Blocks of weightThe primary sections of the upper body arranged vertically. From top down: Head, Shoulder/Chest, Abdomen, and Hips.
BCTBody completes turnAmount of Turn
Body completes turnIndicated in the chart under Amount of Turn. Used primarily on the inside if a turn, usually following a step labeled "body turns less", where the amount of body rotation is less than the amount of foot rotation. When the body completes turn, it squares off with the feet.
Body contactThe area of physical contact between man's and lady's body when in Closed, Promenade, or Outside Partner position.
Body flightThe natural release of body weight from a swinging action. Body Flight is found in the ballroom swing dances.
Body riseElevation of the body achieved by straightening the knees.
Body swingA pendulum-type swinging action of the body.
Body turnAmount of turn of the body when it is different from the feet.
BTLBody turns lessIndicated in the script under Amount of Turn. Used primarily on the inside if a turn, when the amount of body rotation is less than the amount of foot rotation. A step taken with "body turns less" is usually followed by a step with "body completes turn".
Body weightThe concept of the weight of the entire body as a unit. The relationship of the body weight to the feet is determined primarily by the Center, but can be affected by the weight of individual body parts.
BoleroA slow Latin dance which originated as one of two forms of Rumba (Bolero Rumba and Son Rumba), and still shares many of the same figures. Bolero differs from Rumba in its tempo and style of music and movement.
Box stepA pattern consisting of six steps, which when taken in its entirety, form the shape of a box.
BreakA unit of two steps where the second step is taken in exactly the opposite direction from the first.
BreakawayA break which is taken in open position, with partners moving in opposition.
Broken swayBody sway which does not result from the natural swinging action of the body, such as is found in an Oversway.
BronzeSocial or foundation standard - The first complete level of the Medallist System, representing the foundation of movements and basic dance concepts. MEDALIST system - The universally recognised system which represents the various levels of dance proficiency.
BrushThe action of closing the moving foot to the standing foot, without changing weight, between steps.
CabaretA special single-dance division of Dancesoprt in which couples dance an exhibition-style piece to their own selection of music. The dance may incorporate lifts and/or drops, and is not limited to the pre-defined dance styles such as Smooth or Latin.
CadenceA definitive ending to a musical phrase.
Canter timingA rhythm used in 3/4 music where two steps are taken over the course of 3 beats; the second beat is skipped.
CarriageThe position of the arms and top line while in dance position.
CenterThe place on the body just below the abdomen and above the groin. Balance is determined primarily by the placement of the center in relationship to the feet.
Center[Ballroom] The middle of the dance floor. In the Alignments section of the charts, the Center is the direction exactly opposite the Wall.
CPBCenter point of balanceMovement / Balance
Cha chaA syncopated Latin dance which originated in the 1950's as a slowed-down Mambo. The Cha Cha gets its name and character from its distinct repetitive foot rhythm.
Chainé turnA turn or chain of turns which are continuous and directional in nature, in which one full turn is made with each two steps.
ChairA strong checking action taken forward and across in Promenade Position, with the man's right and lady's left foot.
Challenge positionA dance position where the man and lady are apart and without contact, facing each other.
Change of weightThe full movement or transference of body weight from one foot to the other.
Change weightTo completely move or transfer the body weight from one foot to the other
ChasséA series of 2 or 3 consecutive lateral steps, where the feet are closed on the second step.
Chassé turnA turn consisting of 3 steps, where the feet are closed on the second or third step.
CheckA pronounced discontinuation of movement through the feet.
ChoreographyA compilation of movements which make up a dance or dance routine.
ClaveA musical instrument included in the rhythm section of many Latin bands, commonly used in the playing of Mambo and Salsa music.
ClaveRythum The common, underlying two-measure rhythm of Afro-Cuban music such as the Mambo. The Clave rhythm accents specific beats within the two measure phrase; One measure contains two accents while the other contains three.
Closed changeA movement used in the ballroom swinging dances which consists of three steps, the feet closing on the third step. The Change step is most frequently used to change back and forth between Left and Right Box Turns
Closed divisionA division of competition which involves the dancing of figures specific to a syllabus, to the exclusion of variations and choreography.
Closed facing positionA dance position where partners face each other slightly apart, with the normal hold.
Closed figureA figure which ends with one foot closing to the other, with a change of weight.
Closed finishThe last part of a figure which ends with feet together.
Cl Pos.Closed positionRefers to the normal hold where man and lady stand facing each other. In the smooth ballroom dances, partners stand very close together in body contact, slightly offset to the left. In the Latin dances, partners stand a few inches apart, either directly in front of each other or very slightly offset.
Closed turnA turn consisting of 3 steps, where the feet are closed on the second or third step.
Coaster stepA triple step in which the first step is taken in the opposite direction of the third, and the feet close on the second step.
CollectTo complete the changing of weight to the standing foot by drawing the moving foot underneath the body.
CombinationA group of consecutive patterns and choreography.
Com.CommenceTurn or Movement
ComponentAn small, individual unit of movement.
CompressionThe lowering of the center resulting from the bending of the knees, for the purpose of commencing movement.
ConnectionA means of communication between partners, either visually, or as an actual physical point of contact. Tension applied to a physical point of contact through the manipulation of body weight toward or away from it.
Continuity movementThe continuous passing of the feet from one step to the next, without closing or chasse action. The concept of continuity-style movement is usually specific to the ballroom swing dances, and relates to the third or last step in a measure. In American Style competitive dancing, continuity is not allowed in the Bronze Level.
CBMContra body movementMovement
Contra body movementThe turning of the body against the standing foot, in the direction of the moving leg. Contra Body Movement is used to commence turns in the ballroom dances. Also known as: Contrary Body Movement, Contra Body Motion.
CBMPContra body movement positionThe foot position achieved by placing the moving foot along the path of the standing foot, either in front or behind.
Contra positionDance position where man and lady are both moving toward each other's left/right side, both using the same foot.
ControlThe ability to maintain balance and stability throughout the body while dancing.
CortéSpanish word meaning, "cut". The word Corte is used to describe several different figures, including the American style Tango Corte (Lunge), the International style Tango Back Corte, and the Waltz Reverse Corte and Hover Corte.
Counter promenade positionA V-shaped Dance Position with the lady on the man's left side.
Counter weightTension applied to a connection through the opposition of of the partners' body weight.
CounterpartThe corresponding part to a pattern danced by the partner.
Cross body leadAn American Style basic figure in which the man turns perpendicular the lady, leading her to dance forward on a path which crosses in front of his body.
Cross body positionDance Position where man and lady are at right-angles to each other, lady moving in front of man from his right to his left side.
Cross turnA turn consisting of 3 steps, where the feet are crossed on the second or third step.
CruzaraSpanish word meaning, "cross": A step taken with one foot crossed tightly over the other, either in front or behind.
Cuban motionThe rotation of the hips around the spine achieved by the alternate bending and straightening of the knees. Specific to American Style Rhythm dancing.
Cuban walksForward or Backward walks taken with Cuban-style hip motion.
CucarachasA basic International figure consisting of side breaks to the left and right. Also used in American Style, but under the alias Side Breaks or 2nd Position Breaks.
Cuddle positionA variation of the Shadow Position where the man and lady are in very close contact. Usually, the hands are connected in the following way: Man's LH to Lady's RH, and Man's RH to Lady's LH. Also known as Flirtation Position.
Cut timeThe time signature of 2/4.or 2/2 Each measure contains two beats. Samba and Tango are examples of music written in Cut Time. Count - 1&2&
Dance positionThe position of the man and lady in relationship to each other when dancing.
DancesportThe official name given to the sport of competitive Ballroom Dancing.
Developé(Dev-Lo-PAY) An action whereby the free foot is drawn up to the knee of the supporting leg, and then extended (or "developed") until the leg is completely straight.
DCDiagonal centerAlignment
Diagonal movementMovement which is simultaneously lateral (sideways) and progressive (forward/back).
DWDiagonal wallAlignment
Diag.Diagonal(ly)Alignment / Direction
Directional movementMovement toward a specific direction (as opposed to rotational movement). Three types of directional movement are Lateral, Progressive, and Diagonal.
DownbeatIn dance refers to the very beginning of each beat. If a measure is counted 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &... then the numbers 1,2,3, and 4 are considered to be the downbeats, while the "ands" are the Upbeats.
DownbeatMusic - Refers to the strongest beats in each measure. In 4/4 music the downbeats are the 1 and the 3. (The upbeats are 2 and 4).
DropA type of movement in which one partner's body weight becomes partially or completely supported by the other, while at least one part of the supportee's body remains in contact with the floor.
DynamicsChanges in the various qualities of dancing, such as speed, height, mood, and intensity.
East coast swingA subset of Swing derived from Lindy Hop and Jitterbug, making use of refined (American Style) ballroom technique.
e.o.End of...Timing
English styleThe internationally recognised style of ballroom dancing, as originally established and codified by the English.
EnvelopéAn action whereby the free foot is pointed forward, lifted off of the floor with the leg straight, and then, by bending the knee of the free foot, drawn inward toward the knee of the supporting leg.
Exhibition ballroom dancingThe performing of ballroom dances in a stylised, theatrical presentation.
ExpressionEffective communication of feeling, character, and emotion felt by the dancer. Facial gestures that convey emotion.
Extended forward walkLatin-style forward walk commenced by extending the foot in front of the body in a pointed position. The most common usage of the extended forward walk is the lady's step #4 of the Alemana Turn in Cha Cha or Rumba.
FacingA description of the alignment of the body, when it is the same as the feet.
FakeChanging from the usual foot by either skipping or adding a step to the normal step pattern.
Fallaway positionA V-shaped dance position similar to Promenade Position, but with man and lady moving backward.
FanA swivel taken on one foot, ended with the free foot pointing to the side. A basic figure used in the International Style Rumba and Cha Cha, incorporating the Fan Position.
Fan positionDance position where man and lady stand at right-angles, lady on man's left side. Man holds lady's right hand in his left.
FeatherA Foxtrot movement involving 3 progressive steps, the third step usually taken with lady in Right Outside Partner Position. Types of Feather movements: Feather Step, Feather Finish, Feather Finish from PP, Hover Feather, Curved Feather, Back Feather.
FellowThe fourth complete level of the International system, representing the highest level of achievement of syllabus patterns and concepts.
FigureA standardised step pattern which, together with other patterns, constitute the basis of a dance.
FFlatfor whole foot
FlexAn inclined position of the foot which is achieved when the heel is still in contact with the floor, but the ball is not. To incline the foot in such a way that it is placed at an angle nearly perpendicular to the leg.
FlickAn extension of the lower leg taken in a sharp or staccato manner.
Flirtation positionA variation of the Shadow Position where the man and lady are in very close contact. Usually, the hands are connected in the following way: Man's LH to Lady's RH, and Man's RH to Lady's LH. Also known as Cuddle Position.
Floor craftThe ability to maneuver around the dance floor in a skilled, controlled, and courteous manner.
Follow throughThe passing of the moving foot underneath the body between steps.
FollowingCorrectly reacting to the movements and signals given by the leader, through one or more connections (visual and/or physical).
1st positionFoot positionsThe five positions of the feet as defined in Ballet, which are: 1st - TOGETHER
2nd positionFoot positionsThe five positions of the feet as defined in Ballet, which are: 2nd - APART side by side
3rd positionFoot positionsThe five positions of the feet as defined in Ballet, which are: 3rd - HEEL to INSTEP
4th positionFoot positionsThe five positions of the feet as defined in Ballet, which are: 4th - APART one foot forward
5th positionFoot positionsThe five positions of the feet as defined in Ballet, which are: 5th - TOE - HEEL
Foot positionsIndication of the placement of the feet relative to each other. Examples: LF Forward, RF Side, LF Diagonally Back.
Foot pressurePressure applied to the floor through the free foot, often a result of having partial body weight on it.
Foot riseElevation of the body through the use of the ankles, by pushing up onto the balls of the feet.
FootworkThe part of the foot in contact with the floor at a specific point in time. Examples: Ball, Heel, Inside Edge of Whole Foot.
Formation teamA group of three or more dancers who perform ballroom-style routines.
FoxtrotA smooth dance introduced to the public in 1913 by Harry Fox, noted for being the first dance to incorporate into the rhythm a combination of Slows and Quicks. Foxtrot is characterised by its smooth, walking-style movements, but can be adapted to fit varied musical tempo and style, or to fit onto small, crowded dance floors.
FrameThe position of the arms and top line while in dance position.
Free footThe foot that does not have the majority of body weight, being free enough to move.
Free legThe leg that does not have the majority of body weight, being free enough to move.
Freestyle dancingAny style of dancing that does not involve the dancing of pre-conceived steps, figures or choreography.
Freestyle divisionA division of competition whereby the man leads the lady through an improvised set of figures, without relying on pre-determined choreography or dance routines.
GanchoA "hooking" action of one leg around another.
GoldGoldAdvanced standard - The third complete level of the Medalist System, representing advanced patterns and concepts. Gold is not a level associated with social dancing. MEDALIST system - The universally recognized system which represents the various levels of dance proficiency.
GrapevineA series of four steps, arranged in the following sequence: forward, side, back, side. The sequence may begin with any one of the four steps, and can repeat for any number of counts.
Guapacha(Wah-pah-CHA) A rhythmic variation commonly used in certain basic Cha Cha actions, including the Basic Step, the Turning Basic, and Time Steps. Guapacha timing is similar to basic Cha Cha timing, with the exception that the step which normally occurs on beat 2 is delayed 1/2 of a beat, causing it to be taken on the "&" count between 2 and 3.
HeelThe part of the foot directly below the ankle and behind the arch.
HHeel (or heel-flat)Footwork - A "heel" step is taken first with the heel in contact with the floor, and then with the whole foot flat. (The "Flat" is usually implied).
H / HeelHeel leadA step which is taken commencing with only the heel in contact with the floor. The toe lowers to the floor when the majority of body weight is placed on it.
Heel pullA type of Heel Turn where the moving foot is "pulled" back and to the side of the supporting foot, slightly apart. The footwork of the moving foot is as follows: Heel first, then Inside Edge of Foot, then Whole Foot.
Heel turnA turn taken with the weight over the heel of the supporting foot. The movement commences with back step (Toe-Heel). The turn begins when the free foot closes to the supporting foot, being held parallel throughout the turn. The weight then transfers to the closing foot at the end of the turn.
HBHeel-ballA "heel-ball" step is taken commencing with only the heel in contact with the floor. The toe lowers when the majority of body weight is placed on it. The heel then disengages from the floor without body weight, although not enough to cause any rise of the body.
Heel-ball twist turnA type of Twist Turn taken with the weight distributed equally between feet, on the heel of one foot, and the ball of the other. The turn is executed by crossing one foot either in front of or behind the other, and then twisting in the direction of the forward foot. When the turn is complete, the feet will have closed into first position, having turned approximately 3/4 of a full turn.
HTHeel-toeFootwork - A "heel-toe" step is taken commencing with only the heel in contact with the floor. The toe lowers when the majority of body weight is placed on it. Near the end of the step, the heel lifts from the floor, causing the body to rise.
HesitationAn action in which progression is temporarily suspended or checked, the weight being held on the supporting foot for one or more beats.
Hip motionAny movement of the hips, either independently of the torso and spine (such as Latin hip motion), or in unison with the torso and spine (such as is the case in the smooth/swinging dances).
Hip twistAny twisting action of the hips around the spine.
Hip twistA Latin dance figure involving a twisting action of the hips danced by the lady.
Hockey stickA basic figure used in International Rumba and Cha Cha, taken from Fan Position and involving a Loop Turn for the lady. The figure gets its name from the hockey stick- shape of the path that the lady moves along throughout.
HoverA step taken high on the balls of the feet, for the purpose of changing of direction and/or rotation, and allowing enough time for the moving foot to brush toward (or to) the standing foot.
HustleA fast but smooth-moving dance which originated in the nightclubs of the 1970's disco era, as a modified version of swing. Hustle is noted for its fast and elaborate spins and turns, especially for the lady. It is also very easily adapted to crowded, nightclub dance floors.
ImpetusA basic International figure involving a Heel Turn for the man. The driving force behind a movement or rotation.
i.e.Inside edge (of)Footwork
Inside footThe foot which is closer to the partner when in Promenade, Outside Partner, or Side-by-Side Position.
Inside underarm turnAn underarm turn in which the lady turns to the left under the right hand, or to the right under the left hand.
InstepThe part of the foot which is on the inside edge, between the ball and the heel.
International standardA subset of the International Style of Ballroom Dancing which includes the following 5 dances: Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, and Quickstep.
International styleThe internationally recognised style of ballroom dancing. The 10 International dances are divided into two groups:(1) International Standard (Modern), consisting of Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, and Quickstep. (2) International Latin, consisting of Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, and Jive.
JitterbugAn older style of Swing danced in single-rhythm, to very fast big band jazz music of the thirties and forties.
JiveThe International version of Swing. In spite of its fast tempo, Jive is still danced in triple-rhythm.
Kick-ball-changeA movement involving a small kick or flick of the lower leg, followed by a ball-change action. Usually taken in a syncopated rhythm, such as 1&2.
Lateral movementMovement to the side.
LatinA subset of the International Style of Ballroom Dancing which includes Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, and Jive.
Latin hip motionThe characteristic movement of the hips found in the Latin and Rhythm dances. It is achieved by rotating the hips around the spine.
Latin walksForward or backward walks taken with Latin Hip Motion.
LeadingEffective communication of intended actions on the part of the man, through the use of his own body movements, and through one or more connections to his partner (physical and/or visual).
LLeftSway / Direction
Basic Reverse TurnLeft cross turnA half-turn to the left, consisting of 3 steps, where the left foot crosses in front of the right foot on the third step. This is also known in Viennese Waltz and International Tango as a Basic Reverse Turn, but is often specified as a Cross-Turn when differentiating it from a basic Closed Reverse (Chasse) Turn.
LFLeft footFoot Positions / Footwork
LHLeft handConnections / Styling
Leg swingA pendulum-type swinging action of the leg underneath the hip.
LindyThe grandfather of all forms of Swing, named after Charles Lindberg, and originating at the Savoy ballroom in the 1930's as a modified form of Charleston done in dance position. Lindy Hop has enjoying a few revivals with new generations of swing clubs, musicians, and dancers.
Lindy timing8-count timing as found in many of the Lindy basic actions, taken as follows: 1, 2, 3&4, 5, 6, 7&8, or 1&2, 3, 4, 5&6, 7, 8. The 8-count timing is used in almost all forms of swing, but is most commonly referred with this terminology in ballroom Swing and Jive.
LineA pose which creates pleasing body lines. Lines, real or imaginary, created by the positioning of the various body parts in a visually pleasing manner.
Line dancingA type of non-partner dancing, primarily associated with the Country & Western genre, where a group of people will dance in lines (hence line dancing) through a pre-choreographed sequence of movements in unison. The choreography is generally simple, as it is intended for easy fun, mass-consumption.
LODLine of danceAlignment. The counterclockwise flow of traffic around the dance floor. The Line of Dance represents the general direction of movement overall, and is only pertinent to dances that travel continuously around the floor, such as Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Samba and all social sequenced ballroom dances.
LinearMovement which follows a straight direction, as opposed to movement which is rotational.
LoweringThe lowering of the body from a position of rise, through the action of the ankles/feet. Not to be confused with compression.
MamboA fast Latin dance, similar to Salsa, which comes from Cuba. Mambo was introduced into America in the 1940's and 50's and eventually adapted as an American style ballroom dance. Most of the movements emphasise the second beat in the measure, suggestive of the Clave rhythm which is fundamental to Mambo music.
MeasureA unit of music representing a group of consecutive beats. The number of beats in a bar or measure is measured by the time signature, and is determined by the ratio and relative strength of the naturally strong and weak beats occurring in the music.
MemberThe third complete level of the International system, representing advanced movements and dance concepts.
MerengueAn energetic Latin-style march which originated in the Dominican Republic, which emphasises a straight-ahead 8-count rhythm taken with Cuban Motion. Merengue is now also a subset of the modern club-style Salsa dances.
Metronomic motionMovement of the body or part of the body which emulates the swinging action of a metronome: An upper portion of the body travels at a faster rate of speed than a portion of the body below.
Modern styleThe former term for the International Standard style of ballroom dancing. See also International Standard.
MovingA description of the direction toward which the body is traveling, specifically when it is different from the body's facing alignment and/or pointing alignment.
Moving footThe foot that does not have the majority of body weight, being free enough to move.
MusicalityThe ability to hear and interpret music in a way that is both mechanically correct and artistically expressive.
Natural oppositeThe description of the movement which corresponds directly and naturally to the movement danced by one's partner, in a manner which is either parallel or mirrored.
Natural resolutionTerm used by Argentine Tango dancers to describe the natural resolve to the end of a musical phrase (a cadence). The pattern itself is very similar to the first four steps of a Box Step, and is usually taken as the ending of another pattern, such as the Cruzara. Note: Since Tango dancers do not use the terms natural and reverse to describe right- and left-turning movements, the term "Natural Resolution" can be very misleading to a ballroom dancer; It frequently turns to the left.
Natural turnA turn to the right.
Natural underarm turn
No foot riseAn action of rise which is taken through the knees and body only, but not through the feet. When backward walks are indicated as having no foot rise, the toe of the forward foot should release from the floor, allowing the heel to remain in contact as it draws inward toward the standing foot.
Off timeTo dance in a way that is not synchronized with the beat of the music
Open breakBreak or Rock Step taken in Open-Facing position, often with partners moving in opposition.
Open divisionA division of competition which can involve the dancing of variations and/or choreography.
Open facing positionA variation of Open Position where man and lady stand apart, facing each other, usually with a one- or two-hand connection.
Open figureAny figure which involves the continuous passing of the feet, without a closing or chasse action. (also see Continuity).
Open finishThe last part of a figure which ends with feet passing, such as steps 4-6 of a Foxtrot Open Left Turn (Silver level).
Open positionAny dance position where man and lady stand apart or slightly apart, without taking a closed position dance hold.
Open turnA turn consisting of 3 steps, where the feet pass continuously throughout all three steps. Example: Open Left (Reverse) Turn, Open Finish.
OppositionMovement taken in a direction opposite of the direction of one's partner.
Outside footThe foot which is farther away from one's partner when in Promenade, Outside Partner, or Side-by-Side Position.
Outside partner positionA variation of the Closed Position where the tracking of the man and lady's feet are slightly offset. When in Outside Partner Position, the person moving forward will step in CBMP, to the partner's right or left.
Outside underarm turnAn underarm turn in which the lady turns to the left under the left hand, or to the right under the right hand.
PPParallel positionThere are two prominent systems which define Parallel Position differently:School #1 defines Parallel as being the same as Outside Partner Position, with man and lady facing each other, slightly offset.School #2 defines Parallel as being the same as Shadow Position, with man and lady facing the same direction, slightly offset.
Paso dobleA dramatic French-Spanish Flamenco-style march danced in 2/4 time, with man portraying the matador in a bullfight, the lady as his cape. Paso Doble is usually danced to España Cani, the Spanish Gypsy Dance.
PatternA small group of individual steps or movements.
Pencil turnA spin on one foot, with the free foot held next to the standing foot in first position.
Pendulum motionMovement of the body or part of the body which emulates the swinging action of a pendulum: A lower portion of the body travels at a faster rate of speed than a portion of the body above.
PhraseMusic - A self-contained musical statement which has a definite beginning, middle and end ; A musical passage or sentence. In dance music, the length of the phrases is often consistent and predictable, (such as 2, 4, or 8 measures), but odd-measure phrases are not uncommon.
PhraseDance - A self-contained piece of choreography that has a definite beginning, middle, and end ; A dance passage or sentence. Choreography is normally either phrased to fit specific musical passages, or to match common general song structures.
PitchIn dance refers to the inclination of the body forward or backward.
PivotThe turning of the supporting foot against the floor (general context).
PivotA turn in the direction of the forward foot, taken following a forward or backward progressive movement, with weight held over one foot.
Pivoting actionA turn in the direction of the forward foot, taken following a forward progressive movement, where the majority of rotation occurs as the weight is leaving the supporting foot. Any movement or action which includes the turning of a weighted foot (general context).
PointTo extend the foot in such a way that it is placed at an angle roughly parallel to the leg. An extended position of the foot which is achieved when the toe or ball is still in contact with the floor, but the heel is not.
PointingRefers to the alignment of the feet when diffferent from the direction the body is facing or moving.
PoiseThe pitch of the body and placement of the body weight relative to the feet.
PolkaA fast and lively Bohemian dance of Polish origin, danced to traditional German "oom-pah" music in 2/4 time. The basic movement is characterised by three steps and a hop.
Positions of armsThe five positions of the feet as defined in Ballet, such as First Position (arms down, at sides), Second Position (arms extended to side), and Fifth Position (arms raised above head).
PostureThe positioning of the different body parts relative to one another. Good posture is achieved by vertically aligning the different "blocks of weight" of the body (head, shoulders, abdomen, and hips), allowing for the natural curve of the spine with minimal distortions.
Press lineA body position seen in Paso Doble and occasionally Tango, where the weight is split between the feet, but favoring the front foot. The front leg is bent with the foot arched high on the ball, while the back leg is straight with the foot flat on the floor.
Pressed forward walkA type of Latin Walk whereby the weight is placed onto the ball of the foot with knee bent. The heel is usually lowered and knee straightened before the next step is taken.
Professional dancerA person who seeks financial gain from the teaching or performing of dancing.
Progressive movementMovement which travels forward or backward through space.
Progressive rotationMovement which is both progressive and rotational in nature. Examples of progressive rotation are Pivots, Chainé Turns, and the Viennese Left Cross Turn.
ProjectionExtension of the body position, posture, movement, energy and volume to a performance level.
Promenade positionA V-shaped dance position where both man and lady move forward and in the same direction, toward the open end of the "V".
PronateTo roll the foot so that the top angles inward (inside edge to the floor). Pronation is a common technique in Latin and Rhythm styles.
PullTension applied to a connection through the manipulation of body weight or away from it.
PushTension applied to a connection through the manipulation of body weight toward it.
Push & pullTension applied to a connection through the manipulation of body weight toward it (push) or away from it (pull)
QQuickTiming - A count which encompasses one beat of music, exactly one-half the time of a "Slow".
QuickstepAn English style ballroom dance which is characterised by fast movement, often including a variety of hops, kicks, skips, lock steps and chassés.
Reverse turnA turn to the left.
Reverse underarm turn
RhythmThe underlying pulse created by the various musical and percussive instruments playing a piece of music ie: The beat.
RhythmThe beat value or combination of beat values of the notes and accents in a given piece of music, musical phrase, melody, or note.
Rhythm / feelA subset of the American Style of Ballroom Dancing which includes the following 5 competitive dances: Cha Cha, Rumba, East Coast Swing, Bolero, Mambo
RRightSway / Direction
RFRight footFoot Positions / Footwork
RHRight handConnections / Styling
Rise & fallThe continuous changing of body elevation through the use of the feet, ankles, and legs.
Rock stepA shifting of weight back and forth from one foot to the other, in place.
RondéA circling action of the free foot and leg.
Rotational movementMovement which causes the body to turn towards a new alignment or orientation.
RubatoNot in a constant tempo: Frequently accented with varying speeds and pauses.
RumbaA slow- to medium-tempo Latin American dance in 4/4 time, which is characterised by sensual, provocative movements and gestures, Latin-style hip motion, and playful and flirtatious interplay between man and lady.
SalsaA popular Latin nightclub dance which evolved as a modified form of Mambo.
SambaA rhythmical Brazilian dance in 2/4 time which has been adapted for modern Ballroom dancing and incorporated into the repertoire of the International Standard syllabus.
Samba bounceRhythmical bouncing motion of the Samba, achieved by the continuous flexing and straightening of the knees, as well as the usage of the feet and ankles. Samba is noted for it's distinct style of movement, which incorporates both Latin hip motion and the signature "Samba Bounce".
Shadow positionDance position where both man and lady face the same direction, with one partner either directly in front of the other, or slightly offset to the left or right. As the name implies, Shadow position is usually taken with partners shadowing each other's movement, on the same foot and in the same direction. Partners can be closed (in body contact), semi-closed (slightly apart but within arms reach), or completely apart.
Shine positionDance position where dancers stand apart, facing each other. The term "Shine Position" is usually associated with modern social Disco and Latin freestyle dancing, where dancers improvise and "show off" to their partners.
Shoulder leadingPosition of the body such that the shoulder (and usually the entire side of the body) corresponding to the moving foot is in advance of the other side. For example, when the right foot moves forward, the right side of the body moves forward in advance of the left side. Opposite of Contra Body Movement.
SickleTo roll the foot so that the top angles outward (outside edge to the floor). This is almost always considered poor technique. Also known as supination.
Side by side positionDance position where man and lady stand side by side. They can have a one-arm or one-hand hold, or stand apart without a connection.
Side leadingPosition of the body such that the side of the body corresponding to the moving foot is in advance of the other side. For example, when the right foot moves forward, the right side of the body moves forward in advance of the left side. Opposite of Contra Body Movement.
SilverIntermediate standard -The second complete level of the American Medalist System, representing intermediate to advanced patterns and concepts. Silver level is not a level associated with social dancing. MEDALIST system - The universally recognised system which represents the various levels of dance proficiency.
SSlowTiming - A count which encompasses two full beats of music, exactly twice the time of a "Quick".
Slow dancingA free-form type of social dancing to slow ballad or blues music. Slow dancing has no pre-determined basic steps or stylistic interpretation, although it is typically characterised by a compact dance hold or even a full embrace, with dancers swaying back and forth in a slow, steady rhythm.
Slow foxtrotThe International version of Foxtrot characterised by long, slow linear movements.
Slow waltzAn International dance in 3/4 time which developed from the much faster Viennese Waltz. Slow Waltz is characterised by rise and fall and rotational movement.
SpinA very fast turning action.
Spiral turnA turn which takes place after a forward step. With weight on the front foot a turn toward the free foot is made. The free leg then bends and wraps around the standing leg as one or more turns are completed.
Spot runA movement in which the man and lady run around each other in a small circle while in a dance position.
Spot turnIn American Rhythm, a step in closed position in which one partner walks forward in a tight circle, while the other partner moves back out of the way by hooking one foot behind the other, and stepping side alternately. (Known in International Latin as a Natural Top.)
Spot turnA turn consisting of three forward walks in one small area, usually completing one full turn over three steps. (Known in American Rhythm as a Walkaround Turn).
SpottingWhile turning, the action of focusing on a fixed point and turning the head at a different speed than the body.
Standing footThe foot which bears the majority of the body weight.
Standing legThe leg which bears the majority of the body weight.
StepA pattern formed by a small group of steps or movements (short for "step pattern").
StepA change of weight from one foot to the other.
SStraightWithout sway to left or right.
StretchTo extend a limb or muscle to full length, or to increase the extension possible.
StrideThe length or extension of a step.
SugarpushThe basic step of West Coast Swing.
SupinateTo roll the foot to the outer edge.
Supporting footThe foot which bears the majority of the body weight.
Supporting legThe leg which bears the majority of the body weight.
SwayThe inclination of the body to the left or right, usually away from the direction of movement.
SwingA generic term to describe any form of Swing, such as East Coast, West Coast, Jitterbug, Lindy Hop, etc.
Swing dancesGroup of dances including East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Jive, Balboa, Shag, and Charleston.
Swinging actionThe action of swinging the body weight from foot to foot as though suspended from an anchor point high above, like a pendulum.
Swinging dancesSmooth dances characterised by swinging movements such as Slow Waltz, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, and Quickstep.
SwivelThe action of turning on a weighted foot.
SyncopateTo deviate from the basic or normal rhythm
MISSED BEAT - in which a rest (silence) is substituted for an expected note. This can occur on any beat in a measure. "The natural stress of the meter has been disrupted – ONE-two-(three)-FOUR, which is strange, because we want to keep hearing that non existent quarter note that would carry the downbeat in the middle of the measure.
OFF BEAT - the stress can shift by less than a whole beat so it falls on an off-beat
EVEN BEAT - For example, in meters with even numbers of beats (2/4, 4/4, etc.) the stress or accent normally falls on the odd-numbered beats. If the even-numbered beats are stressed instead, the rhythm is syncopated.
ANTICIPATED BASS - is a bass tone that comes syncopated shortly before the downbeat, which is used in Son montuno Cuban dance music. Timing can vary, but it usually falls on the 2+ as well as the 4 of the 4/4 time, thus anticipating the third and first beats. This pattern is commonly known as the Afro-Cuban bass tumbao.
SyncopationA deviation from the basic or expected rhythm. Any rhythm which contains notes or accents in between downbeats or primary beats. Off beat accents . In dance eg: allroom Cha cha is a syncopated dance, because the basic step "breaks on two." When dancing to the differing threads contained within the music, hands, torso, and head can move independently in relation to a thread, creating a fluidly syncopated performance of the music.
Many dance teachers abandon the use of the term "syncopation" in favour of the term "double-time". This is most likely due to a convenience in similarity, and/or a misunderstanding of the rhythmic concept.
Straight timing is naturally felt and heard, syncopation is an area if not naturally felt takes effort to master.
TangoIn the American and International ballroom styles, a dance in 2/4 time, which originated in Argentina and is characterised by catlike walking action and staccato head movements.
Tango closeThe ending of most Tango patterns: forward on the left foot, side on the right foot, and left foot closes to right foot without weight. Timing: Quick Quick Slow.
TempoThe speed of a dance or a piece of music, measured in measures per minute or beats per minute.
TensionTautness in the muscles sufficient to maintain tone.
TensionMuscular effort or strain.
The chaseA Cha Cha figure where the man and lady dance variations of the Progressive Basic movement in an Apart dance position. The lady will either follow the man visually, or improvise freely on her own until the man picks her up into a connected dance position.
The chaseA Tango figure which usually commences in promenade position.
The conversationAn old fashioned term (no longer widley used) to describe basic Promenade patterns.
The twistA popular dance of the 1950's popularised by Chubby Checker.
Theatre artsA category of ballroom competition which includes lifts and drops. Also known as Adagio.
Three stepOne of the characteristic patterns of the Slow Foxtrot, comprised of three forward steps beginning on the left foot taken in-line with the lady. Timing Slow, Quick, Quick.
Time signatureA musical notation used to indicate the number of beats which occur in each measure or bar.
TimingIn dance - the synchronising of body movements to the beat or feel of the music.
ToeThe part of the foot which extends forward from the ball.
TToeIn footwork descriptions, refers to a step taken high on the toe, with the heel kept up off of the floor, coinciding with rise or an up position.
Toe releaseThe action of lifting the toe of the front foot from the floor, and maintinaing contact with the heel of the front foot while taking a backward walk.
THToe-heelFootwork - Commencing from a position of rise, the foot moves first with the toe in contact with the floor. The heel is then lowered to the floor, and the body lowers and weight shifts over the foot.
THToe-heelFootwork - used on any back step, regardless of whether the body is in a position of rise or not. The foot moves backward first with the toe in contact with the floor. The heel is then lowered to the floor, and the body weight shifts over the foot.
Top lineThe line created by the head, neck, shoulders, arms and back, usually in dance position.
TrackingThe placement of the feet created by passing the free leg under the body along very narrow imaginary tracks.
Triple stepA series of three consecutive steps, usually syncopated within two beats of music.
Tuck in turnIn Swing, a turn which is led by the man causing the lady to wind up, or "tuck-in", then leading her to spin in the opposite direction.
TurnAn action involving rotation.
TurnoutA position of the feet in which the toes point away from each other.
TwinkleA dance figure or pattern, usually consisting of 3 steps, involving a pronounced rise & fall action. There are many versions of a Twinkle, the most common being found in Waltz and Foxtrot.
TwistThe action of turning the feet against the floor.
Twist turnA type of turn executed on the spot, with both feet maintaining contact with the floor. The body weight is usually held between the feet.
Two stepA Country dance in 4/4 time, traveling very swiftly around the line of dance.
UATUnderarm turnFigures & Patterns - An action where one partner turns while passing under under joined hands.
UpbeatMusic, tempo or rhythm which is fast or high in energy.
UpbeatA non-primary beat, such as count 2 or 4 in music of 4/4 meter.
VariationA modified version of a common step pattern. A non-standard or non-syllabus step pattern.
Viennese waltzA fast ballroom dance in 3/4 or 6/8 meter, distinctive feel like the well known "Blue Danube" waltz
WalkA step taken forward or backward.
Walkaround turnA turn consisting of three forward walks in one small area, usually completing one full turn over three steps. (Known in International Latin as a Spot Turn).
WaltzA ballroom dance in 3/4 time which first developed in Vienna as a fast paced dance to the Strauss music of the time, and eventually evolved into a new slower version we now know as Waltz (or Slow Waltz).
Weight changeThe full transference of body weight from one foot to the other.
Weight connectionConnection created by both partners leaning their body weight in toward each other, or pulling their body weight away from each other.
West coast swingA slotted swing dance in 4/4 time, characterised by its smooth and linear style.
WhipA dance figure common in Swing dances such as East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop, which gets its name from "whipping" action of the lady around the man.
WhiskA figure or pattern involving the crossing of one foot behind the other.
There is NO backward movement in a whisk. Usually commences with man facing (lady backing) diag to wall down LOD. The man does not turn and the lady turns to the right on the 2nd step (left foot). Man – stepping left foot forward, right foot forward and to the side, crossing left foot behind right foot (lady stepping right foot back, left foot back and to side, right foot behind left foot.) to end in promenade position.
WFWhole footFootwork
WindowA position of the arms formed by two partners with connected hands, which forms the shape of a window.
Zig zagA figure or pattern involving sharp or angular changes of direction.
NVNew VogueNew Vogue developed in Australia in the 1930s, it is a set of sequence dances which use modern ballroom technique and is a danced socially and competitively across Australia and New Zealand. There are fifteen competition dances which cover March, Foxtrot, Tango and Viennese Waltz rhythms.
OTOld TimeDances consisting of Old-time Waltz, Country dance, Quadrille, Galop, Polka; Saunter, Gavotte, Two Step, Mazurka, Schottische, Cakewalk.
ESEnglish SequenceDances - To be done at your legal peril..
Running FinishUsed in Quickstep – consists of four steps starting with the left foot back diagonal to wall down LOD, step forward turning right, step 2 & 3 outside lady and step 4 in line to end facing down LOD.
Slip Pivot This figure turns lady from promenade position to natural hold. Adopt a promenade position, backing LOD – man slips right foot back, well under body moving towards the center and pivots to the left on right foot to face LOD, holding left foot forward in contra body movement position. Lady turns to the left on ball of right foot to get square to man, then steps in line with man and pivots left on left foot to end backing LOD holding right foot behind in contra body movement position. man steps left foot forward into next figure.
Solo Turn Usually starts from promenade position – dropping the hold, the man and lady complete a full turn in three steps that progress either down or against the LOD and turning, in either the same direction or opposite directions. Eg: the man turns to the left and the lady turns to the right or both turn to the right or both turn to left. 1-2-3. (note: You do not spin on the spot).
Telemark OPEN This is the more commonly used of the Telemark turns – steps are the same as the closed Telemark except step three of the lady is a forward step to finish facing towards LOD, in promenade position. (Telemarks can be over turned or under turned).
CLOSED A type of reverse turn – starts in natural hold like a reverse turn – step left foot forward and commence to turn left, then step right foot to side across LOD continuing to turn or spin on the ball of the right foot, (lady closes feet and turns on heels), step left foot to side to finish with feet apart having completed approximately ¾ of a turn.
X Line Tango figure, from promenade position – starting with feet closed, move the left foot (lady right foot) back to the side, flexing the right knee (lady left knee) and bending the body from the waist, in the same direction as the moving foot, to form an “X”.
Tap Release the foot from the floor and tap the floor lightly with the ball of the foot with a relaxed knee, releasing foot from floor immediately. The weight is on the supporting foot, no rise.
Natural Spin Turn This figure is in two parts – begins with 1-2-3 of a natural turn, then finishes with a spin turn on the last three steps, facing diagonal to wall down LOD, right foot forward, left foot to side across LOD, close right foot to left foot (now backing LOD). Now, step left foot back down LOD and commence turning strongly to the right, step right foot forward down LOD still turning to the right, step left foot the side to finish facing diagonal to center down LOD. You should have completed ¾ of a full rotation. (started facing diag wall down LOD—finished facing diag center down LOD).
Wing Commonly follows a whisk. Man steps right foot forward commencing to lead lady to mans left side – closing left foot towards right foot still leading lady to mans left side, close left foot to right without weight. Lady left foot forward commencing to curve around man, right foot, left foot forward still curving around toward left side of man
Travelling Contra Check In ballroom hold facing diag, to wall down LOD, step left foot forward (lady right foot back and slightly left) and across your body to the right, (you should be facing diag, to wall but your foot is pointing straight at the wall), now almost close your right foot (lady left foot) to your left foot (leave about six inches or 15cm), now step your left foot (lady right foot),to the side down line of dance whilst turning the lady so you are in promenade position, (try getting up on your toes when you close RF to LF.
Contra Check In Ballroom hold facing diag. to wall down LOD, step your feet forward and across your body to the right (lady right foot back and slightly left) and check, (you should be facing diag to wall but your foot should be pointing straight to the wall), replace the weight back onto right foot (lady left foot) and turning left into promenade position, place your left foot (lady right foot) down line of dance.

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See 100 years of Aussie sequence dances
To see dances done in Aus over the last 100 or so years, you can scroll – choose to “show all” in the left drop down or enter a name in the search box on the right here.
Music like thisstyleDance NameYearByScript
TangoZara Tango1982Muriel Burrell
ChaZanzibar Cha Cha1997Phillip & Helen Blackburn
TangoYvette Tango1980Roger & Yvonne Corkery
TangoYew Tree Tango1997Ian & Sue Webster
ChaY.C. Cha Cha1976Yvonne Carr
Slow WaltzWyoming MW2007Robert & Louise Aldred
QuickstepWynthrop Qst1990Len & Winnie Wright
BluesWyammi Bl1987Colin Pople
Fast WaltzWorrall Wlz1961Phyllis Adams
JiveWoodstock Jive1986Neil & Lesley Marshall
QuickstepWoodspring Qst1988Ted & Sue Burroughs
Slow WaltzWoodside MW1964J Fanning
Slow WaltzWoodland MW2005Pauline & John Stringfellow
Slow WaltzWitches MW2006Bruce Scott
Fast WaltzWinton Wlz1998Ron Prescott
TangoWinter Tango1985Jill Bush
Slow WaltzWinter Garden MW2005Graham & Avril Watkins
Slow WaltzWinster MW2009Malcolm and Liz Preskey
Slow WaltzWinifred MW1967Frank Short
TangoWindsor Tango Touhey1960J.E. Touhey
TangoWindsor Tango Sylvest1953Audrey Sylvester & John Eke
SchottischeWindsor SchR. B. Kennedy
Slow WaltzWindsor MW1993Stuart & Karen Wright
Fast WaltzWindmill Wlz1939Mr & Mrs Albert Boal O/T
Slow WaltzWindmill MW2003Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
FoxtrotWindermere Ft2008Michael & Angela Hayton
Fast WaltzWinchester Wlz2005Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SchottischeWin-Sor SchUnknown
Slow WaltzWillow Wood MW1998Ian & Sue Webster
Fast WaltzWillow Wlz1982Roger & Yvonne Corkery
SwingWillow Swing1989Graham & Avril Watkins
Slow WaltzWilliam's MW1985Graham Thomson & Kathy Bugler
Slow WaltzWilhelmina MW2004Len Hill
Slow WaltzWiclif MW1983Barry & Julie Earnshaw
Slow WaltzWichita MW2003Robert & Louise Aldred
Slow WaltzWhitfords MW1989A Spencer
Slow WaltzWhiteabbey MW2008Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoWhite Rose Tango1951Fred & Ada Holmes
FoxtrotWhite Rose Ft1956Fred Holmes
Slow WaltzWhite Orchid MWDoreen & Tom Nutter
Slow WaltzWhite Opal MW2004Don Hetherington
Slow WaltzWhite Leys MW2000Kevin Page & Valerie Laws
Slow WaltzWhite Heather MW2005Graham & Cathy Thomson
FoxtrotWhite Heather Ft1991Graham & Kathy Thomson
BluesWhite Heather Bl1999Graham & Kathy Thomson
FoxtrotWhite Diamonds Ft2009Stuart Perry & Beverly Howard
Slow WaltzWhite Blossom MWA Jennings
Slow WaltzWhispering MW1965Unknown
ChaWhiskey Cha Cha1995Ann Morris & Freda Nizinkiewicz
TangoWhiplash TangoJack & E McPherson Aust Dancing Society
Fast WaltzWhinlatter Wlz1997Michael & Angela Hayton
ChaWheels Cha Cha1961T A Tidworth
FoxtrotWharfedale Ft2004Graham & Kathy Thomsom
Slow WaltzWetheral MW1990Michael & Angela Hayton
Slow WaltzWestway MW1991D M Simpson
Slow WaltzWestovian MW1997Jim & Hazel Wake
Slow WaltzWeston MWColin Davidson
Slow WaltzWestmount MW1989Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
SaunterWestminster Snt1975Tony & Denise Dyer
Slow WaltzWestlynn MW1990Howard & Joanne Cookson
Slow WaltzWestgate MW1987Jeff & Muriel Aldren
Slow WaltzWestbury MW1995Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
Slow WaltzWestbrook MW1993Heather Ellem
Slow WaltzWest Virginia MW2008Robert & Louise Aldren
Fast WaltzWentworth Wlz1984Barry Jones & Elaine Starkey
Slow WaltzWensley MW1990Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
Slow WaltzWendy Jane MW1999Don & June Millington
BluesWendouree BlLes & Pat Thompson
Slow WaltzWelham MW2006Edwin Vickers & Beverly Murch-Fowkes
Fast WaltzWednesday Wlz1994Rachel Wadey
Slow WaltzWeaver MW1999Howard & Joanne Cookson
Fast WaltzWearside Wlz1969Lottie Whitfield
Fast WaltzWayne Wlz1967Phyllis Adams
Slow WaltzWayfaring MW2003Ian & Sue Webster
MarchWaverley Two Step1956Maurice Fletcher
Slow WaltzWaverley MW1996Ron & Susan Fulham
Bosa NovaWattle Bossa Nova2009Ian & Sue Webster
Slow WaltzWatlz Caroline1983Bert & Norma Stickley
Slow WaltzWatkins MW2010Graham & Avril Watkins
Slow WaltzWatermill MW1998Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
MarchWashington Two Step2004Robert & Louise Aldred
Slow WaltzWashington MW1991Mark Paton & Jacquie Davis
Fast WaltzWanslo Wlz2000Lorna Wanstall
Slow WaltzWansbeck MW2009Lee Dudman & Andrea Kilgour
FoxtrotWandering Star FtJ & E Richardson Huddersfield
Slow WaltzWanderers MW2000Graham & Avril Watkins
Slow WaltzWaltz Wynette1985Edgar & Doris Holroyd
Slow WaltzWaltz Violetta1981James Hargraves
Slow WaltzWaltz Victoria Ann1996Deborah Long & Renee Turner
Slow WaltzWaltz VeronaJohn Phillips
Slow WaltzWaltz TogetherStan Walsh
Slow WaltzWaltz Suzanne1989Graham & Kathy Thomson
Slow WaltzWaltz Surfina2000Howard & Joanne Cookson
Slow WaltzWaltz SupremeTommy & Monica Whitehead
Fast WaltzWaltz Supreme1988Colin Ogilvie
Slow WaltzWaltz Solitaire1977Alwyn Leathley & Elsie Platts
Slow WaltzWaltz Serida1982D & S Yearsley
Slow WaltzWaltz September1957Gerald Bullen
Slow WaltzWaltz Savoy1961Mr Jon Evans
Slow WaltzWaltz Sarita1971John Philips
Slow WaltzWaltz SapphireCelia Walker
Slow WaltzWaltz Roulette1969Lewis & Joan Wilson
Slow WaltzWaltz RosalieT Veare
Slow WaltzWaltz Rochelle1987David Hipshaw
Slow WaltzWaltz Riona2008Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
Slow WaltzWaltz RenownMr R Nicholson
Slow WaltzWaltz Ramona1951Andrew & Ethel Dickson
Slow WaltzWaltz Rabanne1992Alwyn Leathley & Elsie Platts
Fast WaltzWaltz Petite1984Jack & Joy Gullick
Fast WaltzWaltz of Vienna1994Jeff & Muriel Aldren
Slow WaltzWaltz Nioli2007Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
Slow WaltzWaltz Nichole1986Joan Shields
Slow WaltzWaltz Moulin Rouge1970David Bullen
Slow WaltzWaltz Mornay1983David Bullen & Iverna Corcoran
Slow WaltzWaltz Montrose1988Barry & Julie Earnshaw
Slow WaltzWaltz Monique1987Alwyn Leathley & Elsie Platts
Slow WaltzWaltz Monet1999Graham & Avril Watkins
Slow WaltzWaltz MaureenN Wright
Slow WaltzWaltz Mary RoseJohn Brooks
Slow WaltzWaltz Mary RoseCelia Gouldas
Slow WaltzWaltz Martell1983Neil & Lesley Marshall
Slow WaltzWaltz Marianne1967Mr J Dalton
Slow WaltzWaltz Marguerite1961John Brookes
Slow WaltzWaltz Louise1989Neil & Lesley Marshal
Slow WaltzWaltz La Reve1981Joseph Wareing
Slow WaltzWaltz La Fleur1982Ted & Sue Burroughs
Slow WaltzWaltz KarenaJohn Philips
Slow WaltzWaltz JozanElsie Platts
Slow WaltzWaltz Josalyn1982Jack & Flo Barnsley
Slow WaltzWaltz Jeanette1974Fred & Pam Welham
Slow WaltzWaltz Indigo1996David Hipshaw & Pauline Griffiths
Slow WaltzWaltz Inamorta1994Don Hetherington
Slow WaltzWaltz Gardenia1955S. Clegg
Slow WaltzWaltz Francine1974F Smith
Slow WaltzWaltz for Hazel2001Wendy Palmer
Slow WaltzWaltz Finesse1989Alwyn Leathley & Elsie Platts
Slow WaltzWaltz Fiesta1984Tim & Dorothy Edmunds
Slow WaltzWaltz Fascination1976Joan Elstub
Slow WaltzWaltz Facile2000Rachel Wadey
Slow WaltzWaltz Estelle1983David Hipshaw & Pauline Griffiths
Slow WaltzWaltz EnchantmentA Whitley
Slow WaltzWaltz EnchantmentColin Ogilvie
Slow WaltzWaltz Elaine1965Mr & Mrs Rothwell
Slow WaltzWaltz Eileen1980Alice Douglas
Slow WaltzWaltz Eclaire1977Ken Park
Slow WaltzWaltz D?AmourM Simpson
Slow WaltzWaltz Diana1981Ken Park
Slow WaltzWaltz De PareePeter Wilson
Slow WaltzWaltz DanielaDerek Tonks & Beryl Bates
Slow WaltzWaltz Clinique1991David Hipshaw & Pauline Griffiths
Slow WaltzWaltz Classique2010Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
Slow WaltzWaltz Chiffon2005Pat Thompson
Slow WaltzWaltz Chi-Co1960Lilian Perry
Slow WaltzWaltz Chez Elle1987Graham & Kathy Thomson
Slow WaltzWaltz Charisma2001Colin Ogilvie
Slow WaltzWaltz Chardonnay2000Neil & Lesley Marshall
Slow WaltzWaltz Chantelle1984Ted & Sue Burroughs
Fast WaltzWaltz Champagne2002Colin Ogilvie
Slow WaltzWaltz Champagne1980David Bullen & Iverna Corcoran
Slow WaltzWaltz Chambellan1992Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
Slow WaltzWaltz Cerise1993Michael Beetham & Doreen Waring
Slow WaltzWaltz Cavatina1980Ken & Barbara Street
Slow WaltzWaltz Catherine1956Arthur Shaw
Slow WaltzWaltz Caravelle1967Iris Maynard
Slow WaltzWaltz Cara Mia1975Alice Douglas
Slow WaltzWaltz Caprice1984Jill Bush
Slow WaltzWaltz Camilla1989Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
Slow WaltzWaltz Barcarolle1976Bob & Winn Oliver
Slow WaltzWaltz Babette1968Arthur Lightfoot
Slow WaltzWaltz Athena2010Neil & Lesley Marshall
Slow WaltzWaltz Annabelle1970Ken Fuller & Miss Betty Baker
Slow WaltzWaltz AngelinaLen Jackson
Slow WaltzWaltz Aileen2007Barbara & Bill Tapscott
Slow WaltzWaltz Adele1975Bill & Louie Harvey
Slow WaltzWaltz Acora1978Ken Park
Slow WaltzWaltham MW1978Alice Douglas
Slow WaltzWalnut MW2001Ian & Sue Webster
Slow WaltzWaikiki MW1982Maurice Tait & Yvonne Stanley
ChaWaikiki Cha Cha1993Paul Wallace
QuickstepVoguette QstUnknown
SaunterViv'Ann SntBert French
QuickstepVirginia Qst1970Iris Kempsall
TangoVioletta Tango1965Lewis & Joan Wilson
Slow WaltzVince's MW2007Harry & Shirley Oliver Bonny Hills Australia
TangoVilldean TangoNorman Clegg
TangoVilamoura Tango1990Michael & Angela Hayton
Fast WaltzViennese WlzUnknown
SwingViennese SwingUnknown From Book Scottish Ceilidh Dancing David & May Ewart
SwingViennese Swing1973Tony & Denise Dyer
Fast WaltzVienna Wlz1968Robert Stewart
QuickstepVideo Qst1979Tony & Denise Dyer
ChaVictory Cha Cha1967Ken Park
MarchVictoria Two Step1961Bill & Betty Elsdon
Slow WaltzVictor Harbour MW2000Laurie & Helen Ogle
TangoVentura Tango1985Barry Jones & Elaine Starkey
RumbaVenezia Rumba1993Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
SchottischeVenetian Schot1933Combined Societies O/T
FoxtrotVenetian Ft1966Kitty Moore
Fast WaltzVelvet Wlz1989Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
Slow WaltzVanity MW1939Jack Kennedy
SwingVanilla Swing2000Jeff & Muriel Aldren
FoxtrotValroy FtGeorge & Helen Hodgson
FoxtrotValmai Ft1989Arthur Spencer
TangoValentine Tango2000Stephen Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SaunterValentine Snt1995Graham & Avril Watkins
FoxtrotValentine Ft1985Annette Sheridan & Ray Reeves
FoxtrotValanne Ft2002Derek & Irene Stevens
MarchUrimbira Two Step1993Robert & Doreen Plowman
QuickstepUniversal Qst1967Jacqueline Gipson
Slow WaltzUllswater MW2001Michael & Angela Hayton
QuickstepUkandoit Qst1966Mr Harry Greenwood
FoxtrotU.K. Ft1982Annette Sheridan
QuickstepTynedale Qst2002Jim & Hazel Wake
TangoTyne Tango2003Graham & Kathy Thomson
MarchTwo StepCombined Societies O/T
QuickstepTwinkle Qst1983Michael Shilstone & Wendy Bates
Fast WaltzTwilight Wlz1944John Bartlett Combined Societies O/T
SaunterTwilight Snt1988Barry & Julie Earnshaw
RumbaTwilight Rumba1999Kevin & Denise Jones
MamboTwilight Mambo2010Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
FoxtrotTwilight Ft1970Harry Wells
ChaTutti Frutti Cha ChaVivien Carrie
TangoTuscany Tango1991Audrey Bromage & Ron Lane
QuickstepTurra Qst1987Neville Boyd
Fast WaltzTurner Wlz1990Ron Prescott
TangoTurnbull Tango2009Kevin Page &Valerie Laws
TangoTurnberry Tango1993Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
TangoTurf Tango2001Harry & Barbara Howarth
BluesTuesday Bl1979Patricia Jay
TangoTucson Tango2009Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
TangoTucan Tango1981Ken & Elaine Park
TangoTrésor Tango1996Graham & Avril Watkins
Slow WaltzTrue Love MW1984Bert & Norma Stickley
TangoTrouville Tango2006David & Rita Harrod
SwingTropicana Swing1984Ted & Sue Burroughs
TangoTropical Tango1988Ted & Sue Burroughs
TangoTroodos Tango1993Howard & Joanne Cookson
QuickstepTrojan Qst1994David Howker & Michelle Webster
Slow WaltzTrixie MW1991Michael & Michelle Benton
TangoTripoli Tango1991Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
QuickstepTrio QstN & O Martin
Fast WaltzTrinity WlzColin Pople
TangoTrimpell Tango1988Don & Jan Nicholson
TangoTrevini Tango1994Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
Fast WaltzTrevellyn Wlz1995Colin Ogilvie
TangoTrent Tango1997Graham & Kathy Thomson
ChaTrendy Cha ChaArthur Smith
TangoTrelawney Tango1954Stanley Ross
SwingTrebarb Swing1996Heather & Bob Ellem
TangoTravis Tango2002Neil & Lesley Marshall
TangoTravine Tango2000Howard & Joanne Cookson
MarchTrafalgar Two Step1952Alfred Halford
TangoTrafalgar Tango1992Michael & Ann Morris
TangoTracy Tango1987Sylvester Burrows
Fast WaltzTracie Leigh Wlz1965Bernard Riley & Betty Riley
QuickstepTracey Qst1972Harry & Eileen Toyer
RumbaToucan Rumba1990T & D Nutter
TangoTotara Tango1996Ian & Sue Webster
TangoToscana Tango2006David Belshaw & Karen Kelly
TangoTorviscas Tango1992Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
RumbaTorvil Rumba1984Enid Eglinton
TangoTortellini Tango2002Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoTorrance Tango2007Kelly Sloan & Ellen Harrison
TangoTorque Tango1991Albert & Florence Clark
TangoToronto Tango2003Howard & Joanne Cookson
TangoTornado Tango1992Ted & Sue Burroughs
TangoTornado II TangoJohn Legge
ChaTorino Cha Cha2007David Belshaw & Karen Kelly
SaunterTopeka Snt1984Bill & Doris Kelley
RumbaTopazine Rumba1981Jill Bush
Fast WaltzTopaz WlzPat Thompson
RumbaTopaz Rumba1982Ernie & Marjorie Hague
Slow WaltzTopaz MW1965Lewis & Joan Wilson
BluesTop Hat Bl1986Don & Kay Hetherington
BluesToowoomba Bl1990Heather Ellem
TangoToorak Tango2008Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoTony Tango1990Jim & Madge Curley
JiveTommy's Jive1986Cliff & Hazel Browning
PolkaTom's Polka2002Barbara & Bill Tapscott
ChaTiscali Cha Cha2008Neil & Lesley Marshall
Slow WaltzTips of My Fingers MW2002As Danced at Albany WA
QuickstepTipple Qst1971Robert Stewart
TangoTipo Tango2005Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoTio Tango2004Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoTinker Tango2005Harry & Barbara Howarth
TangoTina Tango1986Terry & Ethyl Grundy
TangoTimes Square Tango2007Graham & Avril Watkins
TangoTigra Tango1995Lorraine Heron & Philip Ainsley
TangoTiger Tango2001Graham & Kathy Thomson
TangoTiffany Tango1987Ted & Sue Burroughs
TangoTiesto Tango2009Lee Dudman & Andrea Kilgour
SambaTico Samba1986Ken & Barbara Street
TangoTianavaig Tango1986Graham & Kathy Thomson
Fast WaltzThrill Wlz1948Mr & Mrs Albert Boal Combined Societies O/T
TangoThoresby Tango2006Edwin Vickers & Beverly Murch-Fowkes
TangoThirlmere Tango1993Michael & Angela Hayton
TangoThiara Tango2007Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
TangoTheresa Tango1968Tony & Denise Dyer
Slow WaltzThelma's MW1993Pat Thompson
SaunterThe Yearning Snt1919Harry Boyle
Slow WaltzThe waltz of the Valley1969Bill & Maude Stevenson
Slow WaltzThe Waltz Fleurette1975Ken & Vi Agar
Fast WaltzThe Veleta1900Arthur Morris - Old Time version
Fast WaltzThe VeletaUnknown - Social version
SambaThe Samba Amor1967Edward Whinfield
Slow WaltzThe Regent Waltz1963Mr J Dowling
TangoThe Mantilla Tango1959Nora Capps
TangoThai Tango2002Ian Rowe & Valerie Gilligan
TangoTexas Tango1988Ted & Sue Burroughs
TangoTessa Tango1982Alice Douglas
TangoTerrel Tango1981Terry & Ethel Grundy
TangoTerracotta Tango2001Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoTennessee Tango2000Robert & Louise Aldred
Slow WaltzTennessee MW1980Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
TangoTeng Wah Tango2000Pat Thompson
TangoTenerife Tango1982Bob & Wendy Whelerton
TangoTenacity Tango1997Philip & Helen Blackburn
TangoTemptation Tango1984Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
FoxtrotTempro Ft1992Margaret Halliday
TangoTellavera Tango2006Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoTelex Tango1984Ted & Sue Burroughs
MarchTelemark Two Step1986Alan & Kay Wainwright
TangoTelecon Tango1992Alwyn Leathley
TangoTeak Tango1994Ian & Sue Webster
TangoTea Dance Tango1996Darren Badder & Hilary Biggs
TangoTayside Tango2003Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoTaymar Tango2008Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoTavira TangoJohn Legge
TangoTaurus Tango1991Mark Paton & Jacquie Davis
TangoTaurean TangoLes & Pat Thompson
TangoTasmania Tango1998John Legge
TangoTasman Tango1999Don & June Millington
TangoTartan Tango1996Graham & Kathy Thomson
TangoTaransay Tango2007Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
MarchTara's Two Step2000Barbara Tapscott
SaunterTara's Snt1999Graham & Kathy Thomson
TangoTara Tango1998Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
TangoTapas Tango2009David & Rita Harrod
TangoTaormina Tango2010Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoTanya Tango1993Paul Wallace
TangoTangoette1930Gerald Hayles Comb'd Societies O/T
TangoTango Zaraya1999Andrew Pigg & Caroline Roberts
TangoTango Vienna1993Graham & Kathy Thomson
TangoTango Victoria1963Rita Pover
TangoTango Tropicana1999Tracey Schofield & Alison Daley
TangoTango Tonite1996Darren Park & Sharon McCann
TangoTango Terrifique1995Don Millington & June Macready
TangoTango Terrific1987Neville Boyd
TangoTango Tarquilla1978Ken Park
TangoTango Solair1970Robert Stewart
TangoTango Serida1961Rita Pover
TangoTango Rock1957Mr & Mrs Albert Boal Combined Societies O/T
TangoTango Rioch1988Bob & Wendy Whelerton
TangoTango Ricardo1980Tony & Denise Dyer
TangoTango Regatta1999Kevin Page & Valerie Laws
TangoTango NovaRhonda Stewart-Hesketh
TangoTango Negro1992Don & Jan Nicholson
TangoTango Munro1996David Hipshaw & Pauline Griffiths
TangoTango Mantilla1972Nancy Clarke & Eric Stonehouse
TangoTango Manhatten1989Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
TangoTango Magenta1954Jack Crossley
TangoTango Lorenzo1982Michael Davies
TangoTango Leanne1992Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
TangoTango Las Vegas1978David Bullen
TangoTango Kantaoui2000Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoTango JealousyJoe Desmond
TangoTango Italia1995Don Wellington & June Macready
TangoTango Granada1974
TangoTango for Two2002Pat Thompson
TangoTango Firenze2004David Belshaw & Karen Kelly
TangoTango Emperrado2000Don & June Millington
TangoTango Dorada2006Neil & Lesley Marshall
TangoTango Disaronno2009Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoTango Debonaire1990Ken & Barbara Street
TangoTango Daytona2006Robert & Louise Aldred
TangoTango Classique1996Graham & Kathy Thomson
TangoTango Cassanova1994Don Millington & June Macready
TangoTango Callatina2004Graham & Kathy Thomson
TangoTango Bugibba1999Neil & Lesley Marshall
TangoTango 871987Roy Hopkinson
TangoTango 441998Tracy Mason & George Fildes
JiveTandy Jive1986David Howker & Elizabeth Atkinson
MarchTammy Two Step1981Roy & Dorothy Moxon
TangoTamarisk Tango1997Ian & Sue Webster
TangoTamarack Tango2010Ian & Sue Webster
TangoTamara Tango1982Barry Jones & Elaine Starkey
TangoTalisman Tango2011Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoTalisker Tango2004Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
Slow WaltzTahitian MW1980Michael Davies
TangoTacoma Tango2010Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoTaboo Tango1971Ken Park
TangoTabasco Tango2001Roy Randall & Heather Pitman
Slow WaltzSylvellen MW1965Sylvester Burrows
SwingSydney Swing2007Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SwingSycamore Swing1999Ian & Sue Webster
SaunterSwitzerland Snt2000Graham & Avril Watkins
Fast WaltzSwing Wlz1947Mr & Mrs Albert Boal Combined Societies O/T
SwingSwing West1996Kevin Page & Valerie Laws
JiveSwing Jive2007Andrea Barwick
SwingSwing Debonair1986Jeff & Muriel Aldren
RumbaSweetheart Rumba1989Ken & Barbara Street
Slow WaltzSweetheart MWUnknown
ChaSweetheart Cha Cha2000Les & Helen Andrews
BluesSweetheart Bl1985Colin & Betty Davidson
SalsaSweet Bay Salsa2003Ian & Sue Webster
BluesSweet 16 Bl2008Graham & Kathy Thomson
QuickstepSuzanne QstUnknown
SambaSusie Samba1995Paul & Susan Wallace
ChaSusie Q Cha Cha1991Arthur & Jean Parr
JiveSusie Jive1981Bob & Winn Oliver
FoxtrotSurprise Ft1984Ted & Sue Burroughs
SaunterSupreme Snt1987Derek & Irene Stevens
RumbaSupreme RumbaHarry & Nell Murdoch
SwingSupra Swing1989Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
Fast WaltzSuperbe Wlz1950Unknown
StrollSunshine Stroll1966Ted Burroughs
SalsaSunshine Salsa2003Don & June Millington
ChaSunshine Cha Cha2004Jan Wyllie
Fast WaltzSunset Wlz1975Mr & Mrs Albert Boal
RumbaSunset Rumba2007Graham & Kathy Thomson
Slow WaltzSunset MW1974Joan Wilson
TangoSunrise Tango1992Len & Winnie Wright
SaunterSunrise Snt2004Jim & Hazel Wake
SambaSunrise Samba1996Don Hetherington
RumbaSunrise Rumba1987Graham & Kathy Thomson
JiveSunridge Jive1985Ted & Sue Burroughs
SambaSunlight Samba1986Jeff & Muriel Aldren
SaunterSunflower Snt1997Graham & Avril Watkins
TangoSundance Tango1976Bob & Wendy Whelerton
SambaSun Samba2007Kelly Sloan & Ellen Harrison
BluesSummertime Bl2003Neil & Lesley Marshall
SaunterSummer Wind Snt1998Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
SaunterSummer Snt1987Graham & Avril Watkins
TangoSuhali Tango1970Mrs Joan Wilson
SalsaSugarberry Salsa2007Ian & Sue Webster
SaunterSue Ellen Snt1983David & May Ewart
SambaStudio Samba1992Jeff & Muriel Aldren
MamboStrictlee Mambo2008Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SaunterStrangward Snt1997Darren Badder & Hilary Biggs
SaunterStoneyford Snt2006Beverley Murch-Fowkes & Edwin Vickers
FoxtrotSterling FtOlive Martin
BluesStephanne Bl1993Pat Sharkey & Yvonne White
FoxtrotStephanie Ft1988Graham & Kathy Thomson
TangoStaten Island Tango2009Robert & Louise Aldred
SwingStartime Swing1962Mr John King
StrollStarry Night StrollAudrey Haynes
Fast WaltzStarlight Wlz1950John Bartlett
Slow WaltzStarlight MW2001Jon Golding & G Forster
FoxtrotStarlight FtPeter Haynes
PolkaStardust Polka1991Bettina Adams
Slow WaltzStardust MW1989Michael Beetham & Rita Carradus
FoxtrotStardust Ft1993Graham & Avril Watkins
TangoStar Tango1973Ken & Barbara Street
SchottischeStanthorpe Sch1997Deane Willocks
SaunterStairways SntJack & Flo Howard
Slow WaltzStacey Ann MW1994Neil & Lesley Marshall
Slow WaltzSt Valentine's MW1986Dennis & Vicki Kroll
BluesSt Eddie's Bl1996Joy & Brian Venables
Slow WaltzSt Davids MWLes & Pat Thompson
SaunterSt Clair Snt1992Michael & Ann Morris
Fast WaltzSt Bernard's Wlz1913Unknown
Fast WaltzSt Albans Wlz1969Tom & Eva Bray
SaunterSS&A Snt2002Bettina Adams
TangoSquare Tango1922Unknown, Adapted by Neil & Lesley Marshall
SchottischeSpringtime Sch1934Pat Hynes
JiveSpringtime Jive1985Jill Bush
FoxtrotSpringtime Ft1997Ann Morris & Peter Nuttall
Slow WaltzSpringside MW1994Howard & Joanne Cookson
SwingSpringfield Swing2007Ellen Harrison & Kelly Sloan
SwingSpring Swing2002Dorothy Hudson & Peter Nuttall
SwingSpindle Swing2005Ian & Sue Webster
SaunterSpenbrook Snt2005Howard & Joanne Cookson
MarchSparkle Two Step1958Mr & Mrs Albert Boal Combined Societies O/T
SambaSparkle Samba2009Bill & Sandra Tepper
FoxtrotSparkle Ft1997Colin Ogilvie
Fast WaltzSpanish Wlz1953Jack Tatam
TangoSpanish Tango1938C Thompson
Slow WaltzSovereign Wlz1994John & Maureen Dack
SaunterSovereign Snt1994Ian & Sue Webster
QuickstepSovereign Qst1973John Legge
Fast WaltzSouthern Roses WlzCelia Walker
SaunterSouthdowne Snt2011John Rainey & Ann Brown
Slow WaltzSouth Riding MW1995F Lodge
SaunterSorrento Snt1986Sid & Shirley Robson
TangoSorelle Tango1976Derek Tonks & Beryl Bates
QuickstepSophie?s Qst1999Les & Pat Thompson
SaunterSophie's Snt2000Graham & Kathy Thomson
Slow WaltzSophie's MW1993Graham & Kathy Thomson
SwingSophie Swing1987Ivor & Sandra Griffiths
QuickstepSophie Qst1985Jeff & Muriel Aldren
SaunterSonata Snt1994Bob & Diane Smith
Slow WaltzSomerville MWJack Jay
QuickstepSomerset Qst1994Malcolm Brister & Ann Green
SaunterSolwin Snt1966Lewis & Joan Wilson
SaunterSolitaire Snt1988Marilyn Pugsley & Clair Linden
Slow WaltzSolitaire MWDon Walker
TangoSole Mio TangoTom Veare
SaunterSolazur Snt1992Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
MarchSolara Two Step1991Mike & Sheree Savory
SwingSoho Swing1975Mr & Mrs Ken Park
SambaSoho SambaHarry & Shirley Oliver
QuickstepSofiane Qst2001Darren Park & Kelly Williams
MarchSocial Two StepUnknown
SambaSocial Samba1992Pat Sharkey & Yvonne White
SaunterSnt Surfini2007Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
SaunterSnowdrop Snt1997Graham & Kathy Thomson
Slow WaltzSnowbird MW1986Michael Beetham
FoxtrotSnowberry Ft2001Ian & Sue Webster
QuickstepSlipstream QstColin Ogilvie
SwingSkye Swing2009Ellen Harrison & Kelly Sloan
SaunterSky Blue Snt1968Ken Park
StrollSkaters Stroll1985J Chester
SambaSizzlers Samba1998Arthur & Jean Parr
MarchSixtwenty Two Step1988David Barrett & Dorothy Hudson
SwingSixties Swing1988Audrey Bromage & Michelle Webster
TangoSixteen Tango1997Howard & Joanne Cookson
SambaSittelle Samba2006Ian Rowe & Valerie Gilligan
RumbaSirocco Rumba2001Audrey & Allan Bainbridge
SwingSingapore Swing1992Theo & Doreen Ball
SwingSingalong SwingD Bradley
SwingSindy Swing1984Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
SwingSimply Swing2008Graham & Kathy Thomson
SaunterSimplicity Snt1995Don Millington & June Macready
SambaSimplicity Samba1984Audrey & Allan Bainbridge
SambaSimple Samba1982Reg & Sylvia Dart
RumbaSilverdale Rumba2007Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
Slow WaltzSilver Wedding MW2003Graham & Avril Watkins
FoxtrotSilver Springs Ft2006David & Karen Smith
Slow WaltzSilver MW1980Alf & Peggy Hoskings
SaunterSilver Birch SntEileen Mitchell
SaunterSilver AnniversarySnt2009Graham & Kathy Thomson
BluesSilver Anniversary Bl2008Don Hetherington
SaunterSilhouette Snt2009Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
Slow WaltzSilhouette MW1979Jack Kennedy
SwingSierra Swing1983Neil & Lesley Marshall
SambaSierra Samba1982Yvonne & Roger Corkery
SwingShuttle Swing2004Harry & Barbara Howarth
SaunterShowboat Snt1999Jeff & Muriel Aldren
SaunterShola Snt1995Mark Paton & Jacquie Davis
Slow WaltzShirley's MW2006Harry & Shirley Oliver
SaunterShiraz Snt2008Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
QuickstepSherwood QstJohn Legge
TangoSherrie Tango1979David Bullen
Slow WaltzSheridan MW1990Audrey Bromage & Michelle Webster
FoxtrotSherbrooke Ft2002Pat Thompson
TangoShelley TangoJohn Legge
SaunterShelley Snt1979Tony & Denise Dyer
JiveShelley Jive1990Audrey Bromage & Michelle Webster
SaunterSheldan Snt1998June Day & Robin Flynn
SwingSharron Swing1990Ken & Barbara Street
SaunterShangri La Snt1974Ken Park
SwingShamrock Swing1994David Trowbridge & Beverley Crowder
SchottischeShamrock SchUnknown
SaunterShalimar Snt1987Ted & Sue Burroughs
SaunterShakara Snt1992Graham & Kathy Thomson
SambaShadow Samba1980Frances & Yvonne Carr
TangoSeville Tango1968Celia Walker
Fast WaltzSevern Springs Wlz1986Rudd Wilson
QuickstepSeventy Qst1970Peter Varley
SaunterSerida SntJohn Brookes
Fast WaltzSerenity Wlz1989Colin Ogilvie
SaunterSerene Snt1962Irene Norris
SaunterSerenata Snt2009Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
Fast WaltzSerenade Wlz1943Jack Kennedy
SaunterSerenade Snt1969Ken Park
SaunterSerena Snt2007Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SaunterSeraya Snt1998Ian & Sue Webster
SambaSequence Samba1958Unknown
Slow WaltzSequella MW1973Nancy Clarke & Eric Stonehouse
SaunterSeptember Snt1982Annette Sheridan
FoxtrotSeptember Ft2009Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
BluesSeptember Bl1998Neil & Lesley Marshall
SaunterSentimental Snt1981John & Ellen Richardson
SambaSenior Moment Samba2005Ron Sibthorpe
Slow WaltzSelecta Tango MWUnknown
TangoSegovia Tango1977Ken Park
FoxtrotSefton Ft1969A.D.A.
SambaSedgehill Samba2010Kay Fairgrieve & Emma Johnson
SalsaSeaside Salsa2005Lissia Giles & Ray Fenton-Storey
SaunterSeashell Snt1985Avril & Graham Watkins
SaunterSeacrest Snt2009Deborah Catlow and Ann Brown
FoxtrotSea Breaze Ft1998Michael Pharoah & Julie Williams
TangoScoresby Tango2001Kevin Page &Valerie Laws
SambaScirocco Samba1993Roy & Jean Hopkinson
TangoScintilla Tango1955Alfred Halford
TangoSchiehallion Tango1985Graham Thomson & Kathy Bugler
SaunterSaxton Snt1981Elaine Sharpe
SwingSavoy Swing1983Betty Baker & Michael Davies
SchottischeSavoy Sch1950F. J. Mainey
SaunterSaville Snt1998Peter Nuttall & Ann Morris
RumbaSavannah Rumba2008Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
SwingSavana Swing1990Graham Crookes & Doreen Wareing
SaunterSaunter Together1975Bob & Winn Oliver
SaunterSaunter Solara1987Graham & Kathy Thomson
SaunterSaunter Sinatra1998Phillip & Helen Blackburn
SaunterSaunter Simone1989Alwyn Leathley & Elsie Platts
SaunterSaunter Signorina2002Tracey Schofield & Alison Daley
SaunterSaunter Si Bon1985Morris Langham
SaunterSaunter Selina1985Jeff & Muriel Aldren
SaunterSaunter Secara2005Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SaunterSaunter Santarna2004Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SaunterSaunter Sancerre2004Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SaunterSaunter Samara1990Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
SaunterSaunter Salou1996Howard & Joanne Cookson
SaunterSaunter Sabrina2003Jim & Hazel Wake
SaunterSaunter Rev'e1961Rita Pover
SaunterSaunter Nirvarna1981David Bullen & Iverna Corcoran
SaunterSaunter Martell2000Kevin & Denise Jones
SaunterSaunter Leigh-Ann2001Graham & Kathy Thomson
SaunterSaunter for Elaine1999Don & June Millington
SaunterSaunter for Danielle2010Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
SaunterSaunter Finesse1998David Howker & Michelle Webster
SaunterSaunter Feline1991Ken & Enid Smith
SaunterSaunter Endeavour2003Tracey Schofield & Alison Daley
SaunterSaunter Cheran2003Ray Bullpit & Joan Martin
SaunterSaunter Cerutti2005Neil & Lesley Marshall
SaunterSaunter Capri2003John & Maureen Dack
SaunterSaunter Bel-Air1990Michael & Ann Morris
SaunterSaunter Adele1984Michael & Ann Morris
SaunterSaunter Abilene1979Alf & Peggy Hoskings
SaunterSaunter D?Amour1977Winn & Bob Oliver
SwingSaucey Swing1987Michael & Ann Morris
SambaSaturday Samba2005Graham & Avril Watkins
SaunterSatinwood Snt1999Ian & Sue Webster
SaunterSateen Snt1991Robert & Kathleen Pickering
SwingSasparella Swing2003Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
Slow WaltzSarah's MW2002John & Maureen Dack
ChaSarah's Cha Cha1990Audrey Bromage & Michelle Webster
TangoSapphire Tango1999Pat Thompson
SaunterSapphire Snt2006John & Maureen Dack
SambaSapphire SambaJim Brennan
RumbaSapphire Rumba2005Barbara & Bill Tapscott
Slow WaltzSapphire MW1980Maurice Tait & Yvonne Stanley
BluesSapphire Bl1988Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
RumbaSapele Rumba1996Ian & Sue Webster
TangoSantiago Tango2007Neil & Lesley Marshall
RumbaSantana Rumba1980Colin Gear & Lavinia Thomas
QuickstepSanta Fe Qst1988Audrey Bromage & Michelle Webster
TangoSanta Anna Tango1984Allan & Audrey Bainbridge
SaunterSanrio Snt2010Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SaunterSanmar Snt2010Barbara & Bill Tapscott
SaunterSanfrancisco Snt2005Robert & Louise Aldred
SaunterSandside Snt2001Dorothy Hudson & Peter Nuttall
SaunterSandringham Snt1992John & Maureen Dack
SwingSandown Swing1991Howard & Joanne Cookson
SaunterSandara Snt1980Sandra & Ivor Griffiths
SaunterSandalwood Snt1994Ian & Sue Webster
TangoSan Telmo Tango2009Bill & Sandra Tepper
SaunterSan Marino Snt2007Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
ChaSan Jose Cha Cha2007Robert & Louise Aldred
SaunterSan Francisco Snt2005Robert & Louise Aldred
TangoSan Anton Tango1980Dorothy Moxon
SaunterSammie-Lee Snt2003Barbara & Bill Tapscott
SambaSamba Sorrento2003David Belshaw & Karen Kelly
SambaSamba Marina1990Michael & Ann Morris
SambaSamba Katrina1972Joan Wilson
TangoSamarnie Tango1993Neil & Lesley Marshall
SwingSamantha's Swing1997Barbara Tapscott
ChaSally Anne Cha Cha1973Ken & Barbara Street
SwingSally Ann SwingS.A. Saunders
FoxtrotSahara Ft1991Audrey Bromage & Ron Lane
Slow WaltzSaga MW1989Michael Pharoah & Julie Williams
SwingSafron Swing1995Andrew Pigg & Caroline Roberts
SaunterSaffron Snt2010Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SwingSadie's Swing Dance2003Gregory Milligan
SwingSacha Swing1991Michael & Ann Morris
RumbaRylstone Rumba2007Graham & Kathy Thomson
RumbaRydal Rumba2002Michael & Angela Hayton
SwingRyans Swing1995Neil & Lesley Marshall
Slow WaltzRyan MW1987Audrey Bromage & Michelle Webster
RumbaRuskin Rumba1991Andrew Pigg & Doreen Wareing
RumbaRunswick Rumba2006Kevin Page &Valerie Laws
RumbaRumba Wisteria2002Ian & Sue Webster
RumbaRumba Tamara1994Ian & Sue Webster
RumbaRumba Sicilia2005David Belshaw & Karen Kelly
RumbaRumba Samantha1994Lesley Hawthorne
RumbaRumba Sabor1990Graham Crookes & Doreen Wareing
RumbaRumba RoyaleUnknown
RumbaRumba Rosario2001Stuart Perry
RumbaRumba Rosamar1995Arthur & Jean Parr
RumbaRumba Romantique2002Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
RumbaRumba Robinia2001Ian & Sue Webster
RumbaRumba Riviera2001Kevin & Denise Jones
RumbaRumba Rioja2004Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
RumbaRumba Regatta1985Paul & Alison Platts
RumbaRumba Ravelle1987Ted & Sue Burroughs
RumbaRumba Rafiki1992Colin Taylor & Carol Thirlaway
RumbaRumba Passat1989Graham Crookes & Doreen Wareing
RumbaRumba One1971Peter Varley
RumbaRumba Miranda1996David Hipshaw & Pauline Griffiths
RumbaRumba Marharba2000Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
RumbaRumba Makoré1999Ian & Sue Webster
RumbaRumba Loui-Ann2000Neil & Lesley Marshall
RumbaRumba Forever1989Audrey Bromage & Michelle Webster
RumbaRumba Fantasia1992Graham & Kathy Thomson
RumbaRumba Elise1994Graham & Kathy Thomson
RumbaRumba D?Amour2003Stuart Perry
RumbaRumba Divine1989Audrey Bromage & Michelle Webster
RumbaRumba Delight1990Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
RumbaRumba Deargo1995David Howker & Michelle Webster
RumbaRumba Charlene1990Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
RumbaRumba Charisma1986Elizabeth Atkinson & David Howker
RumbaRumba Azure2000Don Heatherington
RumbaRumba Azalia2006Ian & Sue Webster
RumbaRumba Athena2005Stuart Perry & Deborah Monks
ChaRum City Cha Cha2010Gwendoline Marsden
RumbaRufford Rumba2006Beverley Murch-Fowkes & Edwin Vickers
RumbaRue Des Rumba1983John Smith
RumbaRuby Rumba1989Graham & Avril Watkins
Slow WaltzRuby MW2004Edwin Vickers & Beverly Murch-Fowkes
Slow WaltzRuby MW1993Pat Thompson
JiveRuby Jive2009Stuart Perry & Beverly Howard
FoxtrotRuby Ft2004Edwin Vickers & Beverly Murch-Fowkes
Slow WaltzRoyle MW1995Jeff & Muriel Aldren
SaunterRoyale Snt1980Yvonne Corkery
Slow WaltzRoyal Wedding MW1981Alan & Mary Mackay
MarchRoyal Two-Step1907A. E. Brown
TangoRoyal Empress Tango1962Combined Societies O/T
Fast WaltzRoyal Ann Wlz1975Jack King
QuickstepRoxy Qst1991David Howker & Elizabeth Atkinson
RumbaRoxanne Rumba1997David Belshaw & Karen Kelly
RumbaRowan Rumba1998Ian & Sue Webster
RumbaRoundabout Rumba1980Ted Burroughs & Sue Hillman
RumbaRoulette Rumba1986Jill Bush
RumbaRothesay Rumba2004Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
QuickstepRothesay Qst1983Audrey & Allan Bainbridge
FoxtrotRosslyn Ft1973Sequence Dance Advisory Committee
RumbaRossley Rumba1997Graham & Kathy Thomson
RumbaRossillini Rumba2007Michael Stevenson & Ann Brown
RumbaRoss's Rumba2002Deborah Long & Agnes Knox
Fast WaltzRosita Wlz1962Syd Baker Combined Societies O/T
ChaRosita Cha Cha1965Jim Brennan
RumbaRosewood Rumba1994Ian & Sue Webster
MarchRosetta Two Step1950A.E. Brown
RumbaRosemount Rumba1991Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
Slow WaltzRosemary MW1964Mr S Powell
FoxtrotRosemary Ft1995John Legge
RumbaRosebank Rumba2000Graham & Kathy Thomson
Fast WaltzRose Wlz2008Lee Dudman & Andrea Kilgour
RumbaRose Rumba1981David & Angela Ford
Slow WaltzRose Quartz MW2010Stewart Perry & Beverley Howard
Slow WaltzRose Lane MW1963Mrs Ann Beardsworth
RumbaRosas Rumba1986Norman & Margaret Yates
ChaRosamar Cha Cha1995Arthur & Jean Parr
RumbaRosalie RumbaDancing Association of South Australia
SaunterRomero Snt1993Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
TangoRomany TangoCliff Stewart
Slow WaltzRomany MW1981John Wild
JiveRomany Jive2009Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
RumbaRomantica Rumba1980Winn & Bob Oliver
RumbaRomance Rumba1987Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
BluesRomance Bl1991Mrs L Hemings
TangoRodelle Tango1993Robert & Doreen Plowman
JiveRockefeller Jive2009Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
QuickstepRock N Roll Qst1957Unknown
RumbaRock Crystal Rumba2010Stuart Perry & Beverly Howard
Slow WaltzRobin's MW2001Kevin & Denise Jones
SaunterRoberta Snt1987Colin Pople
Slow WaltzRobert's MW1992Don Hetherington & Mike Witt
RumbaRobbie's Rumba2005Graham & Avril Watkins
RumbaRiverside Rumba2008Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
Slow WaltzRiverside MW1968Mr Philip Grooms
BluesRiverside Bl1998Colin Ogilvie
RumbaRiverdale Rumba1991Sid & Shirley Robson
RumbaRitzy Rumba1998Paul & Susan Wallace
QuickstepRipple QstUnknown
TangoRio Tango1957S. Johnson
SwingRio Swing1941Pat Hynes
RumbaRio Rumba Davis1975Ron Davis
RumbaRio Rumba BrennanJim Brennan
FoxtrotRio Ft2004John & Maureen Dack
QuickstepRimini Qst2006David Belshaw & Karen Kelly
QuickstepRichmond Qst1993Michael Beetham & Doreen Wareing
RumbaRichard's Rumba1992Flora Millar
MarchRialto Two Step1962David Rollinson
JiveRhythm Jive1976Lewis & Joan Wilson
RumbaRhapsody Rumba1988Ted & Sue Burroughs
Fast WaltzRevlon WlzUnknown
FoxtrotRevilo Ft2007Harry & Shirley Oliver
RumbaResolution Rumba1998Kevin Page & Valerie Laws
TangoRenoir Tango1993Pat Sharkey & Yvonne White
RumbaReno Rumba1996Sid & Shirley Robson
RumbaRenato Rumba1986Sid & Shirley Robson
RumbaRenaissance Rumba1992Audrey Bromage & Ron Lane
Fast WaltzRemembrance Wlz1996Joy Gullick Holmes
RumbaRememberance Rumba2000Graham & Avril Watkins
RumbaRembrant Rumba1998Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
TangoRemar Tango1983Neil & Lesley Marshall
Fast WaltzRegis Wlz1964Rita Pover
TangoRegent TangoUnknown
SaunterRegency Snt1969Rita Pover
RumbaRegency Rumba1992Ted & Sue Burroughs
RumbaRegal Rumba1982M & D Peacock
RumbaRedwood Rumba1996Graham & Avril Watkins
SaunterRedrose Snt1991Steven & Diane Shaw
RumbaRedforde Rumba2004Beverley Murch-Fowkes & Edwin Vickers
FoxtrotRedcliffe Ft2007Ray Fenton-Storey & Lissia Giles
RumbaRed Velvet Rumba1998Graham & Avril Watkins
TangoRed Sails TangoJoyce Jackson
RumbaRed Rumba1982Ken Park
RumbaRed Ruby Rumba2009Bill & Sandra Tepper
TangoRed Rose Tango1963Ken Fuller
RumbaRed Rose Rumba1998Barbara & Harry Howarth
FoxtrotRed Rose Ft1983Colin Street
JiveRed Rock Jive2005Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
ChaRed Dragon Cha Cha1986Martyn Gallagher & Averina Trahar
SalsaRe Chilli Salsa2009Bill & Sandra Tepper
RumbaRaynham Rumba1993Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
FoxtrotRaynette Ft1985Annette Sheridan & Ray Reeves
RumbaRaylyn Rumba2006Graham & Kathy Thomson
Slow WaltzRayen MW1979Ray & Helen Wilson
Slow WaltzRavenna MW2008David Belshaw & Karen Kelly
RumbaRavenglass Rumba1999Michael & Angela Hayton
RumbaRavello Rumba2010David Belshaw
RumbaRaspberry Rumba1997Jacqueline Naylor & Valerie Burnett
RumbaRaquel Rumba1994Bob & Diane Smith
RumbaRannerdale Rumba2007Michael & Angela Hayton
RumbaRaithwaite Rumba2009Kevin Page &Valerie Laws
Fast WaltzRainbow Wlz1985Jack & Joy Gullick
SaunterRainbow Snt1972Robert Stewart
RumbaRainbow Rumba1985Jeff & Muriel Aldren
ChaRainbow Cha Cha1989Graham & Kathy Thomson
SwingRagtime Swing1969Jeff & Muriel Aldren
RumbaRadiant Rumba1995Sid & Shirley Robson
TangoRachel's Tango2001Barbara & Bill Tapscott
Slow WaltzRachel's MW1998Howard & Joanne Cookson
ChaRachel Cha Cha1993Margaret & Edwin Halliday
SwingRabbie's Swing2004Neil & Lesley Marshall
QuickstepQuixote Qst1999Neil & Lesley Marshall
QuickstepQuintonian Qst1997Neil & Lesley Marshall
QuickstepQuickstep Capers2003Pat Thompson
QuickstepQuicksilver Qst2010Bill & Sandra Tepper
QuickstepQueslett Qst1992Mark Paton & Jacquie Davis
QuickstepQueensway Qst1982Ted & Sue Burroughs
QuickstepQueensbury Qst2004Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
RumbaQueen of Hearts Rumba1997Audrey Bromage
FoxtrotQueen of Hearts FtJohn Legge
Slow WaltzQueen Mum MW2000Don & June Millington
Fast WaltzQueen Elizabeth Wlz1953Combined Societies O/T
Slow WaltzQueen Adelaide MWColin Pople
QuickstepQuatro Qst1991Graham Crookes & Doreen Wareing
QuickstepQuantum Qst2008Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
QuickstepQuando Qst1979Christine Hodgkinson
ChaQuando Cha Cha1999Kevin Page & Valerie Laws
QuickstepQuality Qst1992Ted & Sue Burroughs
ChaQin'Aide Cha Cha2006Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
StrollProgressive StrollUnknown
MarchProgressive SchottischeUnknown
SambaProgressive Samba
JiveProgressive Rockabilly
PolkaProgressive Onlso
JiveProgressive Jive
JiveProgressive Hucklebuck
MarchProgressive Gypsy Tap
QuickstepProgressive Glyngarry swing1987Bettina Adams
PolkaProgressive Expo Polka1986Bettina Adams
MarchProgressive Canadian Barn Dance
MarchProgressive Barn Dance
JiveProgressive Alpine Stroll
Fast WaltzPrincess WlzUnknown
SaunterPrincess Snt1991Michael & Ann Morris
Slow WaltzPrincess MW1971Gerald Bell & J Lubelska
TangoPrince of Wales Tango1969Harry Wells
SchottischePrince of Wales SchUnknown
Fast WaltzPrince Consort Wlz1952Bill Lipthorpe & Vi Hamilton
Slow WaltzPrimrose MW1952H Hammond
TangoPrima TangoTom Veare
Fast WaltzPride of Erin Wlz1911C. S. Wood
Fast WaltzPride of Erin Wlz1961C. S. Wood Combined Societies O/T
Fast WaltzPresidents Daughters Wlz2011Russ Hesketh
RumbaPresidente Rumba1980David Bullen
Fast WaltzPresentation Wlz1999Colin Ogilvie
MarchPremier Two Step1958The Official Board of Ballroom Dancing
SwingPortland Swing2010Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
QuickstepPoppy Qst1991Jack & Flo Howard
SambaPopcorn Samba1991Audrey & Allan Bainbridge
ChaPontinental Cha Cha1968Alex Moore
SchottischePompadour SchUnknown
MarchPolonaise (Three Step)Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Newton-Bird
RumbaPoldhu Rumba1990Audrey & Allan Bainbridge
RumbaPlaya Rumba1957Jacquelin Ward
SaunterPlatinum Snt2007Graham & Kathy Thomson
JivePlanet Jive1974Peter Varley
PolkaPit Pat Polka1983John Waine & Irene Toft
RumbaPineapple Rumba1992Michael Beetham
FoxtrotPhoenix Ft1988Barry & Julie Earnshaw
FoxtrotPhoenix Ft1971Alwyn Leathley
FoxtrotPhilishar Ft1993Jim & Madge Curley
FoxtrotPhiladelphia Ft2000Robert & Louise Aldred
SwingPepsi SwingGeorge & Helen Hodgson
SambaPepsi Samba1984Maurice Tait & Yvonne Stanley
JivePepperpot Jive2007Dorothy Hudson & Hilary Kershaw
JivePeppermint Jive1970Audrey Frew
JivePeppercorn Jive2001Ray & Bridget Fenton-Storey
ChaPepito Cha Cha1987Neil & Lesley Marshall
TangoPenrith Argentinian Tango2001Juan Christo and Julie Penrith
QuickstepPennine Qst1983Jack & Flo Howard
Slow WaltzPendle MW1995Howard & Joanne Cookson
TangoPearl Tango1975David Bullen
Slow WaltzPearl MW1995Barry Jones & Elaine Starkey
Fast WaltzPatricia Wlz1932Pat Hynes
Slow WaltzPatricia MW1955Bill Waite
Slow WaltzPatrice MWPat Thompson
TangoPatina Tango1995Lorna Wanstall
Slow WaltzPat's MW1987Neville Boyd
FoxtrotPassionata Ft1997Philip & Helen Blackburn
PasoPaso Seville1971Archie Donald
PasoPaso MadridJim Brennan
SwingParty Time Swing1984Michael Shilstone & Wendy Bates
Fast WaltzParma Wlz1961N.C. Lock Combined Societies O/T
Fast WaltzParma Wlz1920N.C. Lock
Slow WaltzParkgate MW1994Jeff & Muriel Aldren
SaunterParisienne SntJohn Morris
RumbaParisienne Rumba1998Graham & Kathy Thomson
Fast WaltzParis Wlz1987John & Margaret Dore
RumbaParadise Rumba1988Yvonne Ainsley
Slow WaltzParadise MW2001Wendy Palmer
FoxtrotParadise Ft2004Kevin & Denise Jones
ChaParadise Cha Cha1994Roy Randell & Heather Pitman
ChaPancino Cha Cha2010Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoPanama Tango1986Alwyn Leathley & Elsie Platts
TangoPanache Tango1988Michael Beetham & Rita Carradus
BluesPalma Nova BlDerek Tonks & Beryl Bates
JivePalais Glide1928D T Foster
Slow WaltzPakefield MW1976George Mott
MamboPain Mambo1996Audrey & Allan Bainbridge
TangoPablo TangoStan Walsh
Fast WaltzOxford Wlz1961Combined Societies O/T
SaunterOxbury Snt1993Michelle Webster & David Howker
ChaOrpheo Cha Cha1988Jackie Sanderson
TangoOrlando Tango1995Andrew Pigg & Caroline Roberts
SchottischeOrlando Sch1934Pat Hynes
ChaOrlando Cha1989Sid & Shirley Robson
SchottischeOriental Sch1932Pat Hynes
ChaOriental Cha Cha1987Barry & Julie Earnshaw
Slow WaltzOriana MW1995John & Maureen Dack
Slow WaltzOrange Blossom MWS Johnson
Fast WaltzOpal Wlz1968Alf & Kitty Moore
Fast WaltzOnslow WlzUnknown
SaunterOne Four Five Snt1988Alwyn Whitley
FoxtrotOn Leave Ft1917Mary Cheshire
Slow WaltzOmega MW1990David Howker & Elizabeth Atkinson
MarchOlympic Two Step2002Colin Piper
TangoOlympic TangoUnknown
QuickstepOlympic Qst1968Lewis Wilson
Slow WaltzOlivia's MW2007Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
TangoOlivia Tango1986Olive Vlasoff & Maurice Fortune
ChaOliver's Cha Cha2004Edwin Vickers & Beverly Murch-Fowkes
Slow WaltzOld Orchard MW2002Don Heatherington
Slow WaltzOctober MW2006David & Rita Harrod
FoxtrotOceana Ft2002John & Maureen Dack
Slow WaltzOcean MW1999Kevin & Denise Jones
TangoOakfield Tango1986Morris Langham & Joan Shields
JiveNumber Five Jive2006Beverley Murch-Fowkes & Edwin Vickers
TangoNovember Tango2000Harry & Shirley Oliver
JiveNormandy Jive1986Bill & Grace McMillan
RumbaNoir Rumba1992Pat Sharkey & Yvonne White
TangoNocturne Tango1993Don Millington & June Macready
PasoNikko Paso2001Ian & Sue Webster
ChaNiki Noo Cha Cha1995Graham & Avril Watkins
ChaNiki Cha Cha1984Barry & Julie Earnshaw
TangoNightfire Tango1992Ian & Sue Webster
SwingNicola SwingErnest Parker
FoxtrotNicola Ft1991Norman & Linda Briggs
Slow WaltzNicky J MW2004Graham & Avril Watkins
MarchNicholas Two Step1955Alfred Halford
TangoNewport Tango2003Robert & Louise Aldred
TangoNewfield Tango1990Michael & Angela Hayton
Slow WaltzNewchurch MW2004Howard & Joanne Cookson
TangoNewbridge Tango2002Jeff & Muriel Aldren
MarchNew Vogue Two Step1973Mr & Mrs Albert Boal
QuickstepNew Vogue Qst1991Russ Hesketh
Slow WaltzNew Vogue MW2006John & Andrea Barwick
QuickstepNew Quay Qst2007Kevin Page &Valerie Laws
SaunterNew Moon Snt2010Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
SaunterNevonie SntHeather & Bob Ellem
RumbaNevada Rumba2006Robert & Louise Aldred
FoxtrotNevada Ft1990David Howker & Elizabeth Atkinson
RumbaNeon Rumba1986Ted & Sue Burroughs
MarchNavy Two-Step1909Madame Emily Jones
SaunterNavidia Snt1994June Day & Deborah Long
SchottischeNational Sch1991Colin Ogilvie
QuickstepNational Qst1982Annette Sheridan
QuickstepNatasha Qst1984Michael Beetham
TangoNatalia Tango2007Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
TangoNatal Tango1997Don Millington & June Macready
Fast WaltzNanette Wlz1962Ted Shaw & Edna Purcell Combined Societies O/T
TangoNakoma Tango1979Ray & Christine Hodgkinson
TangoNadine Tango1990Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
MamboMystique Mambo1998Graham & Avril Watkins
Fast WaltzMysetta Wlz1966K Ranwell
RumbaMustique Rumba1985Michael & Enid Eglinton
MarchMurra Three Step1987Neville Boyd
JiveMulberry Glide2005Ian & Sue Webster
MamboMudford Mambo2010Bruce Scott
SambaMucara Samba2000Ian Rowe & Valerie Gilligan
FoxtrotMoselle FtJ Sheard
TangoMosaic Tango2010David & Rita Harrod
MamboMosaic Mambo2009Ray Fenton-Storey & Lissia Giles
FoxtrotMorinda Ft2006Ian & Sue Webster
RumbaMorgan's Rumba1999David & Margaret Cordell
FoxtrotMordi Ft2003Pat Thompson
FoxtrotMoor Park Ft1981J. Denton
SaunterMoonlight Snt1950Charles J Daniels
SchottischeMoonlight Sch1952John Bartlett
MamboMoonlight Mambo2010Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
FoxtrotMoonlight & Roses FtAudrey Ogden
Fast WaltzMoon Glow Wlz1986Joseph Wareing
FoxtrotMood Indigo FtPat Thompson
TangoMontoya Tango1982Morris Langham
FoxtrotMonterey Ft1999Robert & Louise Aldred
ChaMontego Cha Cha1983David Hipshaw & Pauline Griffiths
QuickstepMontagu Qst1984Ron Prescott
Slow WaltzMont De Lancey MW1993Joy Gullick Holmes
ChaMonkey Puzzle Cha Cha1999Ian & Sue Webster
FoxtrotMondrago Ft1989Jim & Mary Mallon
MamboMolineux Mambo2004Graham & Avril Watkins
MamboMojito Mambo2010Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
MamboMojacar Mambo2002Graham & Cathy Thomson
(Pronounced Mohacar)
TangoModerato Tango1994Margaret Yates & Carol Parry
MamboMocha Mambo2004Beverley Murch-Fowkes & Edwin Vickers
RumbaMitzi Rumba1983Annette Sheridan
Slow WaltzMisty Moon Wtz1980Jack Howard
SaunterMisty Isle Snt1985Graham Thomson & Kathy Bugler
SaunterMisty Blue Snt2001David & Ann Lavery
BluesMisty Bl1989David Howker & Elizabeth Atkinson
MamboMississipippi Mambo2002Tracey Schofield & Alison Daley
FoxtrotMirror Glass Ft1994Malcolm T. Brister & Ann Green
TangoMiramar Tango1988Philip Ainsley
ChaMiramar Cha Cha2005Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoMirage Tango1991Barry & Julie Earnshaw
SaunterMirage Snt2008Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
Slow WaltzMinstrel MW1983Allan & Audrey Bainbridge
FoxtrotMinstrel Ft2007Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
JiveMinnie Jive1987Annette Sheridan & Ray Reeves
Fast WaltzMinerva Wlz1967E Holroyd
TangoMimosa Tango1983Morris Langham
RumbaMimosa Rumba2009Ian & Sue Webster
TangoMilonga Tango2005Joseph Grech
RumbaMillennium Rumba1998Graham & Kathy Thomson
Slow WaltzMillennium MW1999Graham & Kathy Thomson
MarchMilitary Two Step1903James Finnigan
MarchMilitaire1938Pat Hynes
QuickstepMilford Qst1999Ron Prescott Canberra
Fast WaltzMildura WlzUnknown
FoxtrotMilbrook Ft1960Freddie Wilkins
TangoMilano Tango2008Belshaw and Karen Kelly
Fast WaltzMidnight WlzR Jones & C Rowley
TangoMidnight Tango1952Gilbert Daniels
SaunterMidnight Snt1988Bettina Adams
JiveMidnight Jive2010Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
SwingMichigan Swing1987David Howker & Elizabeth Atkinson
FoxtrotMichigan Ft2003Robert & Louise Aldred
SaunterMichelle SntMitchell1983Eileen Mitchell
SaunterMichelle Snt1974Lesley Batty
SwingMiami Swing1985Michael Davies
SambaMiami Samba1994Steven & Diane Shaw
RumbaMiami Rumba1993Audrey Bromage & Ron Lane
SwingMexican Swing1970Mr Brian & Christine Yarnold
JiveMexican Jive1979Winn & Bob Oliver
FoxtrotMetro Ft1980Ray & Dorothy Casey
Fast WaltzMerry Widow Wlz1950Empire Society of Teachers Dancing
SchottischeMerrilyn Sch1940Jim Fahey
TangoMerrick Tango1993Bob & Veronica Ryan
TangoMerlin Tango1988Jeff & Muriel Aldren
RumbaMemory Rumba1986Annette Sheridan & Ray Reeves
Fast WaltzMelville Wlz1973Mr Bob Graf
SaunterMelrose Snt1993David & Ann Lavery
Slow WaltzMelrose MWFred Hollings
SwingMelody Swing1965Iris Kempsell
Slow WaltzMelody MW1980Colin Pople
Slow WaltzMelody MWJohn Woods
FoxtrotMelody Ft1963H. Hunter
Slow WaltzMelodrene MW1967Derek Tonks
ChaMelia Cha Cha2003Michael Morris & Beverly Berry
BluesMelba Bl1967Mr & Mrs Albert Boal Combined Societies O/T
TangoMedina Tango1995John Legge
PolkaMazurka 3 stepUnknown
TangoMayfield Tango1984Ted & Sue Burroughs
Slow WaltzMayfield MW1996Kevin Page & Valerie Laws
QuickstepMayfair Qst1958Frank Short
FoxtrotMaybelene Ft1972John & Rosa Drinkwater
Maxina Standard1957Australian Version as Standardised by ANDA
Fast WaltzMavelyn WlzUnknown
SaunterMauveen Snt2001June Day & Robin Flynn
TangoMasumi Tango1986Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
TangoMasquerade TangoW Whelan & G Griffiths
TangoMasquerade TangoStan Walsh
TangoMasquerade II TangoPeter Haynes
Slow WaltzMary Stone MW2006Bruce Scott
QuickstepMary Rose Qst1982Jean Harvey
TangoMartini Tango1985David Hipshaw
RumbaMarquesa RumbaDoris Oldham
BluesMarli Bl2006Barbara & Bill Tapscott
FoxtrotMarlborough Ft1982Joseph Wareing
Slow WaltzMaritime MW1979Jim Brennan
MamboMario Mambo2001Ruth Dansie
ChaMario Cha Cha1993Graham & Avril Watkins
MamboMarina Mambo2009Kelly Sloan & Ellen Harrison
TangoMariette Tango1951Peter Lowe
Fast WaltzMarietta Wlz1954Unknown
RumbaMarietta Rumba1995Paul & Susan Wallace
StrollMarian Stroll1968Lewis & Joan Wilson
RumbaMaria Rumba1981Annette Sheridan
FoxtrotMaria Ft1979John & Eileen Richardson
RumbaMarguerite Rumba1980Margaret Redmond
FoxtrotMarguerita Ft1980Dennis Douglas
Fast WaltzMargo WlzBert Morgan
QuickstepMargie Qst1990Jim & Madge Curley
TangoMargeriten Tango1998Neil & Lesley Marshall
TangoMarella Tango1968Jack Crossley
Fast WaltzMaree WlzUnknown
ChaMardi Gras Cha Cha1989John & Christine Harrison
RumbaMarbella Rumba1971Sandra Pickering
FoxtrotMaple Ft1994Ian & Sue Webster
TangoManyana Tango1967Lewis & Joan Wilson
MamboManuka Mambo2008Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
SaunterManhatten Snt1988Annette Sheridan
QuickstepManhattan Qst1972Tony & Denise Dyer
BluesManhattan Bl1963Unknown
SaunterMandarin Snt1988David Bullen & Iverna Corcoran
ChaMamma Mia Cha Cha2008Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
MamboMambo Nami2002Colin Piper
MamboMambo Marguerita2003Alison Daily & Tracey Schofield
MamboMambo Manyana2002Ray Fenton-Storey
MamboMambo Magic1996Don Millington & June Macready
MamboMamba Mia1997Don Millington & June Macready
TangoMalvern Tango1985Barry & Julie Earnshaw
SaunterMallory Snt1999Howard & Joanne Cookson
TangoMalibu Tango1984Edgar & Doris Holroyd
RumbaMalibu Rumba1988David Bullen & Iverna Corcoran
MamboMalibu Mambo1999Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
FoxtrotMahonia Ft2006Ian & Sue Webster
ChaMahogany Cha Cha1992Ian & Sue Webster
Fast WaltzMagnolia Wlz1987Joan & Lewis Wilson
RumbaMagnolia Rumba2010Ian & Sue Webster
FoxtrotMagna Ft2005Neil & Lesley Marshall
QuickstepMaggie May Qst1981Unknown
Slow WaltzMagenta MW1951Unknown
QuickstepMaestro Qst1983Ken & Elaine Park
MamboMaestro Mambo2007Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
TangoMadrid Tango1954Bill Waite
SwingMadison Swing2008Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SwingMadison Swing1962Mr Bill & Doris Traill
RumbaMadeleine RumbaJohn Phillips
SaunterMadeira Snt2008John Rainey
Slow WaltzMadeira MW1987Ray Hodgkinson & Jean Robson
JiveM.Y. Jive2006Michael Stevenson & Ann Brown
ChaM.Y. Cha Cha1981Yvonne Stanley & Maurice Tait
QuickstepM & R QstAudrey Ogden
Fast WaltzLyrebird Wlz1987Jess & Ted Lee
Slow WaltzLyndel MW2006Noel Hewitt
FoxtrotLullaby Ft1988David Howker & Elizabeth Atkinson
MarchLucy Belle Three Step1987Neville Boyd
Fast WaltzLucille Wlz1930Bert Cartledge
FoxtrotLucille Ft1985W. Wright
Slow WaltzLucia MW2007Stuart Perry & Beverly Howard
Slow WaltzLovely Lady MW1993Steve & Kathleen Wright
RumbaLouisiana Rumba2004Robert & Louise Aldred
RumbaLouise Rumba1991Graham & Kathy Thomson
Fast WaltzLorraine Wlz1966Syd Baker
FoxtrotLong Lee Ft1970Lewis & Joan Wilson
SaunterLondon MoonlightSnt1920W. F. Hurndell
TangoLola Tango1950Arthur Wantling
QuickstepLittle Koala Qst1982Mrs H Hodgson
Fast WaltzLita Wlz1962Harold Leech Combined Societies O/T
RumbaLisa Rumba1975David Bullen & Denise Mayo
BluesLingering Bl1929Adele Roscoe
Fast WaltzLinette WlzUnknown
SwingLinden Swing1992Ken & Barbara Street
FoxtrotLinden Ft2010Ian & Sue Webster
Fast WaltzLillian WlzLillian Skinner
Slow WaltzLilian MW1986Bill & Doris Kelley
Fast WaltzLilac Wlz1951Alfred Halford
TangoLilac Lady Tango2007George and Janet McDonald
Slow WaltzLifetime MW1981Annette Sheridan
SaunterLiesl Snt1966Cheryl Wright
QuickstepLibra Qst1996David Howker & Michelle Webster
MarchLiberty Two Step1939Raymond Bailey
BluesLiberty Bl1996Stan Sidebottom
Slow WaltzLexington MW2001Robert & Louise Aldred
Slow WaltzLeticia MW1994Pat Thompson
SwingLet's Swing2010Ray Fenton-Storey & Lissia Giles
StrollLet's StrollTom Veare
JiveLet's Jive1993Ray & Bridget Fenton-Storey
TangoLeslie TangoLen Smith
Slow WaltzLesley-Anne MW1984Bill & Doris Kelley
TangoLeonora Tango1980Bob Waite
RumbaLeon Rumba1995Michelle Webster & David Howker April 1995
SaunterLenalan Snt1985Howard Cookson
SaunterLeighton Snt2002Dorothy Hudson & Peter Nuttall
QuickstepLeigh Way Qst1977Peter Varley
Fast WaltzLealda Wlz1964Jack & Joy Gullick Combined Societies O/T
FoxtrotLea Fair Ft1990T & D Nutter
Fast WaltzLe Gaye Wlz1982Jack & Joy Gullick
SaunterLauren's Snt2006Graham & Kathy Thomson
RumbaLatina Rumba2008David Belshaw & Karen Kelly
SchottischeLatchford Sch1950Madame M. Oldbury
Fast WaltzLast WlzJohn Bartlett
ChaLarios Cha Cha1999Neil & Lesley Marshall
TangoLareine TangoLen Jackson
Slow WaltzLara's MW1997Robert & Louise Aldred
TangoLanercost Tango1994Michael & Angela Hayton
TangoLancaster Tango1987Annette Sheridan & Ray Reeves
Lambeth Walk1938Adele England
RumbaLakeview Rumba2003Michael & Angela Hayton
RumbaLakeside Rumba1991Barry & Julie Earnshaw
TangoLakeland Tango1996Michael & Angela Hayton
FoxtrotLaguna Ft1999Graham & Avril Watkins
FoxtrotLadybower Ft2006Neil & Lesley Marshall
Slow WaltzLady Anne MW1996Pat Thompson
RumbaLaburnum Rumba1999Ian & Sue Webster
ChaLa Siesta Cha Cha2005Neil & Lesley Marshall
Fast WaltzLa RinkaW.F. Hurndall
RumbaLa Hiedra Rumba2008Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
TangoLa Cumparsita Tango1975Ken Fuller
TangoLa Bomba1938Jack Kennedy Combined Societies O/T
QuickstepL.A. Qst1981Neil Marshall & Lesley Reaney
BluesL.A. Bl1923A. J. and M. Latimer
Slow WaltzKuranda MW2006Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
QuickstepKumala Qst2003Neil & Lesley Marshall
SaunterKristen's Snt2001Barbara & Bill Tapscott
TangoKouros Tango1995Elsie Platts & Alwyn Leathley June 1995
Slow WaltzKopaz MW1998Darren Park & Andrea Kilgour
QuickstepKookaburra Qst2006Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
QuickstepKontiki Qst1986Neil & Lesley Marshall
QuickstepKoala Qst1968Iris Kempsell
QuickstepKnightsbridge Qst1986Audrey Bromage & Michelle Webster
SwingKlaxon Swing1985John Brookes
JiveKlaxon Jive1984Joyce Marland
QuickstepKiwi Qst2002Don & June Millington
JiveKittle Jive2002Neil & Lesley Marshall
Slow WaltzKirsty's MW1991Jack & Flo Howard
SaunterKirsty Snt1990Howard & Joanne Cookson
QuickstepKirsty Qst1989Michael & Ann Morris
SwingKirralee Swing2003Barbara & Bill Tapscott
QuickstepKira Qst1986Pat Sharkey & Lorraine Heron
Slow WaltzKintyre (MW of)1978J. Stewart
FoxtrotKinnear Ft2000Mary Powel Sydney
QuickstepKingston Qst1962Ken Fuller
FoxtrotKingston Ft2007Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
TangoKingfisher Tango2002Graham & Kathy Thomson
SwingKingfisher Swing1974Keith Banton & Beverley Forsdike
SaunterKingfisher Snt1990Graham & Kathy Thomson
MarchKing Tut Three Step1996Neville Boyd
Fast WaltzKillarney Wlz1950Florence Newbegin
Fast WaltzKillarney ValeB Wilson & Colin Davidson
QuickstepKillarney QstJ. McElvey
Slow WaltzKillarney MWHelen Bass
SchottischeKia-Ora Sch1933Ted Kirk & Jim O'Rielly Sydney
QuickstepKi-Oti Qst2004Don Hetherington
QuickstepKhyber Qst1999Kevin Page & Valerie Laws
QuickstepKey Qst2004Neil & Lesley Marshall
QuickstepKestral Qst1981Michael Davies
QuickstepKerry Qst1978Dennis Douglas
QuickstepKeresley Qst1997Colin Taylor & Carol Thirlaway
TangoKenwyn TangoKen Fuller
BluesKentucky Bl1969Sam & Irene Faultley
TangoKensway Tango1970Ken Park
Fast WaltzKennies Wlz2002Neil & Lesley Marshal
QuickstepKendray Qst2000Jim & Hazel Wake
QuickstepKempston Qst1984Ken & Barbara Street
FoxtrotKelmore Ft1984Cliff & Gwen Abbott
QuickstepKelly Qst1997Andrew Pigg & Caroline Roberts
QuickstepKeaki Qst1998Ian & Sue Webster
SaunterKaybee Snt1976Bill & Louie Harvey
QuickstepKay's Qst1991Jim & Madge Curley
QuickstepKaty Qst1993Ross & Shirley Hillman
TangoKatrina Tango1967Jim Brennan
SaunterKatrina Snt1989Michael & Ann Morris
QuickstepKatrina Qst1992Joanne & Howard Cookson
QuickstepKatie Qst1989Jack & Flo Howard
ChaKatie Cha Cha1993Michelle Webster & David Howker
Slow WaltzKarsha Anne's MW2002Barbara & Bill Tapscott
PolkaKarl Kaps? Berlin Polka1894Edward Scott
ChaKariokee Cha Cha1995Ted & Sue Burroughs
ChaKarina Cha Cha1987Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
FoxtrotKaren Ft1982Derek & Irene Stevens
QuickstepKareen Qst1995Andrew Pigg & Audrey Brommage
JiveKarand Jive1984Audrey Bromade & Michelle Webster
JiveKandy Jive1997Colin Taylor & Carol Thirlaway
QuickstepKahala Qst1999John & Maureen Dack
SaunterKade's Snt2001Deborah Long
BluesK.D.C. Bl2002Jon Golding
QuickstepK-Zee Qst1994Colin Ogilvie
JiveJusta JiveKen & Barbara Street
JiveJurassic Jive1993Roy & Jean Hopkinson
JiveJupiter Jive1973Peter Varley
JiveJungle Jive2000David & Dorothy Ainsworth
JiveJuneau Jive2005Robert & Louise Aldren
Slow WaltzJune MW1985Ken & Edith Leach
TangoJuliette TangoA. Whitley
JiveJulie's Jive1993Margaret & Edwin Halliday
JiveJuke Box Jive1982Ted & Sue Burroughs
SwingJuju Swing1983Barry & Julie Earnshaw
SchottischeJubilee SchSyd Baker
JiveJubilee JiveKen & Barbara Street
ChaJuanita Cha Cha1980Colin Gear & Lavinia Thomas
SchottischeJoyette Sch1962Jack & Joy Gullick Combined Societies O/T
TangoJosefina TangoJames Quinn
QuickstepJordan Qst2001Michael Morris & Beverley Berry
JiveJoplin Jive1991Ray Bulpitt & Doreen Wareing
JiveJoop Jive2007Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
QuickstepJomar Qst1986Reg & Sylvia Dart
JiveJollery Jive1985Reg & Sylvia Dart
JiveJody's Jive1989Reg & Joyce Bentley
Slow WaltzJoan's MW1999Bruce Scott
JiveJingle Jive1988Jean Robson & Ray Hodgkinson
JiveJingaloo Jive2002Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
JiveJimpy Jive1991Reg & Sylvia Dart
JiveJigsaw Jive2003Ann Brown & Patricia Addison
JiveJewel Jive2008Stuart Perry & Beverly Howard
JiveJetta Jive1990Graham Crookes & Doreen Wareing
FoxtrotJessica's Ft1998Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
JiveJessica Jive1992Eric & Jean Taylor
JiveJerrico Jive2006Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
JiveJennifer Jive1981Yvonne & Frances Carr
JiveJennie Jive1994Michael & Anne Morris
JiveJemma Jive1982Norman Cavin & Norma Morris
ChaJeans Party CharlestonJean Watt
Slow WaltzJean's MW1995Ken Wright
JiveJean's Jive1997Arthur & Jean Parr
JiveJazzbox Jive1999Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
FoxtrotJayde Ft1987Derek & Irene Stevens
JiveJayart Jive2005Stuart Perry & Jane Harwood
Slow WaltzJason's MW1997Graham & Kathy Thomson
FoxtrotJasmine Ft1993David Belshaw & Karen Kelly
SaunterJasmin Snt1984Yvonne & Roger Corkery
Slow WaltzJasmin MW1970Mr H Jay
JiveJandia Jive1999Neil & Lesley Marshall
Slow WaltzJamie MW1988Jim & Madge Curley
Slow WaltzJames's MW2006John & Maureen Dack
MamboJambo Mambo2009Bill & Sandra Tepper
JiveJambo Jive1993Colin Taylor & Carol Thirlaway
RumbaJamaican Rumba1985Julie Earnshaw
JiveJaguar Jive2006Edwin Vickers & Beverly Murch-Fowkes
JiveJade Jive1987Ted & Sue Burroughs
ChaJacqueline Cha1961Laurence Ratigan
BluesJacober Bl1981Jack & Joy Gullick
JiveJackpot Jive1997Michael Morris & Beverley Berry
Slow WaltzJack's MW2004Neil & Lesley Marshall
JiveJacaranda Jive2000Ian & Sue Webster
JiveJ.R.Jive2007Neil & Lesley Marshall
SaunterJ.R. Snt1983Annette Sheridan
QuickstepJ.M. Qst1975Jeff Aldren
QuickstepJ.B. Qst1998Pat Thopmson
TangoIvory TangoJohn Brierley
SwingIvory Swing1993Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
Slow WaltzIvory MWA Mackay
TangoItaliano TangoTom Veare
ChaIssy Cha Cha1998Mark Paton & Jacqui Davis
BluesIsabella Bl2010Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
FoxtrotIrish Mist Ft1999Helen Blackburn & Steven Shaw
FoxtrotIris Ft1964Terry Drogan
Fast WaltzIrene1961Combined Societies O/T
SwingIpswich Swing1987Bettina Adams
SwingInvitation Swing1983Unknown
RumbaInvicta Rumba1993Bill & Gay Pugh
TangoInverary Tango2005David & Karen Smith
MarchInternational Two StepUnknown
SwingInternational Swing1970Theo & Doreen Ball
BluesIndiana Bl1984Ted & Sue Burroughs
Fast WaltzImperial Wlz1955J. Powell
MarchImperial Two Step1950Unknown
FoxtrotImperial Ft2007Stuart Perry & Beverly Howard
Fast WaltzImogen Wlz1992Colin Ogilvie
FoxtrotIdaho Ft1959Bobby Howe
SaunterHyland Snt1982Derek & Irene Stevens
ChaHunkydory Cha Cha2001Neil & Lesley Marshall
JiveHucklebuck2005C Rowley
JiveHuckleberry Jive2000Jacqueline Naylor & Valerie Burnett
ChaHot Toddy Cha Cha1998Joy & Brian Venables
JiveHot Spot Jive1999David & Dorothy Ainsworth
SwingHonkytonk Swing1971Mr Derek Tonks & Beryl Bates
JiveHonkeytonk Jive1997Peter Nuttall & Ann Morris
MarchHonkey Tonk Two Step1993Lorna Wanstall
SaunterHoneysuckle Snt2002Ian & Sue Webster
Slow WaltzHoneysuckle MW1985Graham & Avril Watkins
Slow WaltzHome Town MW2003Neil & Lesley Marshall
Bosa NovaHolly Bossa Nova2010Ian & Sue Webster
SambaHoliday Samba1979Winn & Bob Oliver
FoxtrotHolbrook FtH Stone
TangoHighland Tango1986Audrey & Allan Bainbridge
SwingHighland Swing2002Graham & Kathy Thomson
Slow WaltzHighfield MW1992Steven & Diane Shaw
QuickstepHickory Qst2005Ian & Sue Webster
FoxtrotHi-Fi Ft1957Pat Thompson
MamboHey Mambo1997Philip & Helen Blackburn
Fast WaltzHesitation WlzUnknown
RumbaHermance Rumba2005Graham & Avril Watkins
FoxtrotHeritage Ft1996Colin Ogilvie
Slow WaltzHelenbrooke MW1979Dorothy Moxon
QuickstepHelena Qst1962Lewis Wilson
MarchHelbe Two-Step1910James Stewart
BluesHebridean Bl2001Graham & Kathy Thomson
SaunterHeather's Snt1999Dorothy Hudson & Ray Bulpit
Fast WaltzHeather Wlz1957Iris Kempsell
FoxtrotHeather FtPat Thompson
TangoHeartbeat Tango1994Graham & Avril Watkins
FoxtrotHeamar FtJ & E Bayne
RumbaHeadlands Rumba1994Audrey & Allan Bainbridge
Slow WaltzHazel's MW1993John Brookes
FoxtrotHazel Ft2000Ian & Sue Webster
Slow WaltzHaweswater MW2007Michael & Angela Hayton
Fast WaltzHawaiian Wlz1962Ron Lynch, Combined Societies O/T
RumbaHawaiian Rumba1984Barry & Julie Earnshaw
RumbaHavanna Rumba1988Michael Beetham
BluesHarvestime Bl1989Michael Beetham & Rita Carradus
FoxtrotHarry Lime Ft1949Henry Clarke
Slow WaltzHarmony MW1974Elizabeth French
Slow WaltzHarmony MW1974Tony & Denise Dyer
FoxtrotHarmony Ft2001George & Janet McDonald
Slow WaltzHarmonie MW1984Ron Prescott
SwingHarlequin Swing2003Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
FoxtrotHarlequin Ft1990Ken & Barbara Street
BluesHarlequin Bl1975Ken & Barbara Street
SwingHarlem SwingChris Woods
RumbaHarbourlights Rumba2001Kevin Page &Valerie Laws
SwingHappy Feet SwingD Campbell
SaunterHappy Event Snt1982Dennis Williams
Slow WaltzHannah's MW1995Margaret & Edwin Halliday
ChaHandshake Cha Cha1988Margaret Preedy
MarchHampton Two Step1985Clive Hurt
SchottischeHamlyn SchArnold Foster
ChaHalkadiki Cha Cha2005Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
QuickstepHaley Qst1987Neil Marshall
Slow WaltzHadrian's MW1992Michael & Angela Hayton
MarchGypsy TapN. C. Newton-Bird
MarchGypsy Tap1930Professor Bolot Syd Combined Soc's O/T
JiveGypsy Jive1983Steve & Morna White
Fast WaltzGwendoline WlzW Madigan
TangoGuitar Tango1965David & Gillian Stead
MamboGuanaco Mambo2004Alison Daley & Tracey Schofield
Slow WaltzGrove MWLes & Pat Thompson
FoxtrotGrosvenor Ft1991Muriel Aldren
TangoGrizdale Tango2003Michael & Angela Hayton
Fast WaltzGretona Wlz1989Jack & Joy Gullick
MarchGrenadier Two Step1993Ken & Barbara Street
Slow WaltzGreenwood MW2009Kevin Page &Valerie Laws
Slow WaltzGreensleeves MW1965Mr Billy Cartledge
TangoGreen Eyes TangoCharles Howling
SwingGreen Eyes Swing1998Les & Helen Andrews
TangoGreen Bay Tango1983J. Gordon-Stuart
Slow WaltzGrasmere MW2002Michael & Angela Hayton
QuickstepGrange Qst1993Les & Pat Thompson
SaunterGrandchester Snt1966Rita Pover
ChaGrand Prix Cha Cha1982Ted Burroughs
Slow WaltzGranby MW1991Flora Miller
TangoGran Paradiso TangoJohn Legge
Slow WaltzGraffton MW1988Michael Pharoah & Julie Williams
MarchGordon Two StepUnknown
SchottischeGordon Sch1898Thomson
TangoGolden TangoDoreen Mack
SwingGolden Swing1979Alf & Peggy Hoskings
RumbaGolden Rumba2002Graham & Kathy Thomson
TangoGolden Rose Tango2006Kevin Page &Valerie Laws
QuickstepGolden Qst2004John & Maureen Dack
Slow WaltzGolden MW1997Harry & Shirley Oliver
Slow WaltzGolden MW1995Colin & Betty Davidson
TangoGolden Earrings TangoPhilip Miller
Fast WaltzGolden City Bendigo WlzL Rankin
SwingGlyngarry Swing1981Unknown
Slow WaltzGlentrammon MW1982Betty & Reg Gregory
FoxtrotGlenroy Ft1976Tom Turner & Florence E Smith
QuickstepGlenfield QstCliff Jones
FoxtrotGleneagles Ft2003David Hipshaw & Pauline Griffiths
TangoGlendale Tango1991Graham & Kathy Thomson
TangoGlencroft Tango1998Graham & Kathy Thomson
TangoGlenavon Tango1974Derek Tonks & Beryl Bates
TangoGlenaire Tango1985Graham Thomson & Kathy Bugler
JiveGlen Rock Jive1983Annette Sheridan
Slow WaltzGlaramara MW2005Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoGivenchy Tango1986David Howker & Elizabeth Atkinson
TangoGipsy TangoUnknown
TangoGiovanni Tango2008Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
ChaGinko Cha Cha2004Ian & Sue Webster
JiveGinger Jive1989Dorothy Hudson & Eric Taylor
SwingGin Swing1998Michael Morris & Beverley Berry
Slow WaltzGillion MW1982Paul & Alison Platts
JiveGigolo Jive2001David Belshaw & Karen Kelly
TangoGibson Tango1993Stuart & Karen Wright
FoxtrotGershwin Ft2007Stuart Perry & Beverly Howard
TangoGerald's Tango1995Roy Randall & Heather Pitman
JiveGeorgie's Jive2004Ray Bulpitt & Joan Martin
JiveGeorgia Jive1983Yvonne & Roger Corkery
Fast WaltzGeorgelyn WlzUnknown
QuickstepGeorgella Bl1951Stella & George Berwick
FoxtrotGeneva Ft2002Graham & Avril Watkins
JiveGemma Lou Jive1996Arthur & Jean Parr
Slow WaltzGeisha MW1986Barry Jones & Elaine Starkey
Slow WaltzGeelong MW1990Vic & Abby Greer
Fast WaltzGayella WlzNancy Peel
MarchGay Gordons
SwingGatsby Swing1996Michael Morris & Beverley Berry
QuickstepGatsby Qst2002Roy Randall & Heather Pitman
Slow WaltzGarwood MW1997Paul & Susan Wallace
FoxtrotGardenia Ft1998Ian & Sue Webster
Fast WaltzGalaxy Wlz1990Mark Paton & Jacquie Davis
JiveGalaxy Jive1983Charles Denness & Millie Garraway
Fast WaltzGaiety Wlz1971Jack & Joy Gullick Combined Societies O/T
TangoGabicci Tango1984Jeff & Muriel Aldren
Fast WaltzFylde Wlz1902T. Almond
FoxtrotFuchsia Ft2002Graham & Kathy Thomson
Fast WaltzFriendly Wlz1954Unknown
SaunterFriendly SntS Scott
FoxtrotFreesia Ft1989John & Christine Harrison
BluesFrederika Bl1959Fred Dawson
SchottischeFredericka Sch1959Constance Greer
Slow WaltzFredel MW1997Trevor & Barbara Wilson
FoxtrotFreda Ft1951Fred & Ada Holmes
Slow WaltzFrancesco MW1988Barry & Julie Earnshaw
Slow WaltzFrances Mary MW1988Reg Norris
FoxtrotFragrance Ft1996Graham & Avril Watkins
QuickstepFoxglove Qst1990Ray Hemming
FoxtrotFour Winds Ft1995Arthur & Jean Parr
FoxtrotFotxtrot Sheehan2000Les & Pat Thompson
FoxtrotFortune Ft2001Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
FoxtrotFortuna Ft1990Mark Paton & Jacquie Davis
FoxtrotForsythia Ft2005Ian & Sue Webster
Slow WaltzForget Me Not MWJ. Collier
FoxtrotFlorida FtJohn Legge
Fast WaltzFlorentine Wlz1951Unknown
QuickstepFlorentine Qst1992Graham & Kathy Thomson
FoxtrotFlorentina Ft2010Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
ChaFlo Jo Cha Cha1988Neil & Lesley Marshall
MarchFlirtation Two StepUnknown
QuickstepFlicker Qst1981Jill Bush
SwingFlamingo Swing1982Angela Wilson
QuickstepFishtail Qst1987Audrey & Allan Bainbridge
TangoFirethorn Tango2006Ian & Sue Webster
TangoFirefly Tango1976Wendy Whelerton
FoxtrotFire Opal Ft2010Stuart Perry & Beverly Howard
PolkaFiona's Polka1966Mr N Johnson
FoxtrotFiesta Ft1985Michael Davies
ChaFiesta Cha ChaSequence Branch Committee
FoxtrotFeta Ft2000Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SwingFestive SwingUnknown
Slow WaltzFestival of Britian MW1950Cyril M Farmer
JiveFestival Glide1957Unknown
FoxtrotFestival Ft1987Barry & Julie Earnshaw
Slow WaltzFestival City MW1977Alan & Mary Mackay
FoxtrotFerrari Ft1983David Bullen & Iverna Corcoran
Slow WaltzFernside MW1968Unknown
FoxtrotFernlea Ft1999Harry & Barbara Howarth
TangoFernando TangoUnknown
FoxtrotFergie Ft1986Annette Sheridan & Ray Reeves
FoxtrotFelicity Ft1990Albert & Florence Clark
SaunterFelicia Snt2007Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
FoxtrotFelice Ft1957Phyllis Adams
Fast WaltzFederation Wlz2001Ruth Dansie
FoxtrotFeather Ft1984Edgar & Doris Holroyd
Fast WaltzFascination WlzUnknown
TangoFascination TangoUnknown
Slow WaltzFascination MWJoe Desmond
FoxtrotFascination Ft1987Colin Pople
Slow WaltzFantasy MW1983Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
JiveFantasy Jive1989Roy & Jean Hopkinson
Fast WaltzFantasie Wlz2004Pat Thompson
Fast WaltzFantasia WlzBill & May Botham
FoxtrotFantasia Ft1995Alwyn Leathley & Elsie Platts
FoxtrotFalcon Ft1981Michael Davies
TangoFajara Tango1988Barry & Julie Earnshaw
FoxtrotFairways Ft2010Kevin Page & Valerie Laws
FoxtrotFairway Ft1986Lewis & Joan Wilson
SaunterFairview Snt1982Ted & Sue Burroughs
FoxtrotFairview Ft1985Lewis & Joan Wilson
FoxtrotFairhaven Ft2003Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoFabrique Tango1981Sid & Vee Baxter
SwingExhibition SwingLen Smith
TangoExecutive Tango1989Audrey Bromage & Michelle Webster
SchottischeExcelsior Sch1939Charles Thompson, Combined Societies O/T
QuickstepEvie Qst2007Neil & Lesley Marshall
Fast WaltzEvergreen Wlz1986Ken & Barbara Street
SaunterEvergreen Snt1992Jack & Flo Howard
Slow WaltzEvening Star MW1972Hugh & Mabel Jay
FoxtrotEvening Ft1984Edgar & Doris Holroyd
MarchEvening 3 Step1961Tom Walton Combined Societies O/T
SchottischeEveline Sch1990Ron Prescott Canberra
MarchEva Three Step1904Sidney Walter Painter
TangoEugene Tango1950Unknown
QuickstepEtone Qst1987Barry & Julie Earnshaw
Fast WaltzEton Wlz2008John & Pauline Stringfellow
FoxtrotEternity Ft1997Graham & Kathy Thomson
Slow WaltzEsther MW1988Sid & Shirley Robson
TangoEspirito Tango1992Doreen Nutter
TangoEspana Tango1979Jack & Joy Gullick
TangoEspana Tango1980Arthur Lightfoot
Slow WaltzEsmi MW1981Ray & Helen Wilson
MarchErilea Two Step1991Don & Kay Hetherington
FoxtrotErica's FtLes & Pat Thompson
SaunterEpsom SntJean Richards
SaunterEnnerdale Snt1969Kitty Moore
FoxtrotEnnerdale Ft1996Michael & Angela Hayton
Slow WaltzEngagement MW1988Ken Park
TangoEmreco Tango1998Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
Fast WaltzEmpress Wlz1933Ted Kirk & J O'ReillyCombined Soc's O/T
Slow WaltzEmpress MW1966Joan Wilson
ChaEmpress Cha Cha1996Shelagh Buckley & Malcolm
TangoEmperor TangoJohn Legge
Slow WaltzEmmerdale MW1979W.J. Crook
SaunterEmma's Snt2000John & Maureen Dack
Slow WaltzEmma MW1984Annette Sheridan & Ray Reeves
FoxtrotEmily's Ft2005Graham & Cathy Thomson
SwingEmerald SwingBilly & Jean McNeice
Slow WaltzEmerald MW1998Pat Thopmson
FoxtrotEmerald Ft1994Graham & Avril Watkins
Fast WaltzEmblem WlzUnknown
MarchEmbassy Two Step1993N Gonsal
QuickstepEmbassy QstGeorge Morris
Slow WaltzEmbassy MW1970Tom Veare
FoxtrotEmbassy Ft1966Ken Fuller
FoxtrotElwyn Ft1975Alwyn Leathley
FoxtrotEllis Ft1989Annette Sheridan & Ray Reeves
FoxtrotEllamere Ft2009Lee Dudman & Andrea Kilgour
BluesElizabethan Bl1982David Bullen & Iverna Corcoran
Slow WaltzElizabeth's MW1996Darren Badder & Hilary Biggs
TangoElizabeth TangoHenry Clarke
QuickstepElizabeth Qst1961Wal Clark
MarchElite Two Step1966Jack & Joy Gullick Combined Societies O/T
TangoEldorado TangoJohn Legge
QuickstepElderberry Qst1998Ian & Sue Webster
TangoElaine TangoMrs E Carpenter & L.A.Miles
SaunterElaine Snt1975Sylvester Burrows (Old Time)
TangoEl Zorro TangoCliff Jones
TangoEl Torro Tango1978Ted Burroughs
ChaEl Tel Cha Cha1985Margaret Yates
TangoEl Nido TangoPat Thopmson
TangoEl Mar Tango1975Derek Tonks
TangoEl Cid Tango1967Ken Park
QuickstepEivona Qst1974Eileen Crompton
TangoEismere Tango1984Ted & Sue Burroughs
SaunterEdwina SntVern Pedersen
TangoEdor Tango1990Edgar & Doris Holroyd
TangoEdmona Tango1988Harry & Shirley Oliver
SaunterEdinborough Snt1979Annette Sheridan
RumbaEdenside Rumba2004Michael & Angela Hayton
TangoEden Valley Tango1996Michael & Angela Hayton
RumbaEden Vale Rumba1997Michael & Angela Hayton
Slow WaltzEden MW1986Michael & Angela Hayton
Fast WaltzEddray Wlz1973Ken & Vi Agar
SaunterEbony Snt1985Yvonne & Roger Corkery
ChaEbony Cha Cha1992Ian & Sue Webster
SaunterE.T. Snt1983Ken & Elaine Park
FoxtrotD?Amour Ft1987Colin Pople
BluesDynasty Bl1983Ted & Sue Burroughs
FoxtrotDynamic FtColin Ogilvie
RumbaDuet Rumba1980Yvonne Stanley & Maurice Tait
RumbaDubai Rumba2009Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
Fast WaltzDreamland WlzUnknown
Slow WaltzDream MW1967Robert Stewart
FoxtrotDream Ft1984Annette Sheridan & Ray Reeves
TangoDragon Tango1986Michael Pharoah & Julie Williams
MarchDot's Two Step1968Bill Waite
FoxtrotDorothy Ft1992John Legge
Fast WaltzDorothea Wlz1933W. Barrett
QuickstepDoron Qst1983Vee & Sid Baxter
Fast WaltzDoris WlzJ. Bickerstaffe
RumbaDorice Rumba1994David Bullen & Iverna Corcoran
Fast WaltzDoreen WlzUnknown
TangoDonna Rita TangoColin Simpson
TangoDonella Tango1950F. J. Mainey
Fast WaltzDominoe WlzUnknown
ChaDomino Cha Cha1968George Proctor
BluesDomino Bl1983Reg Dart Butlins
RumbaDominique Rumba1990David Bullen & Iverna Corcoran
ChaDominion Cha Cha1991Mary Cruickshank
Slow WaltzDominic MW1985Flo & Jack Howard
SwingDixie Swing1982Michael Davies
JiveDisney Jive1991David Barrett & Nicola Twigg
Slow WaltzDiscovery MW2001Kevin Page &Valerie Laws
ChaDisco Cha Cha1979Ted Burroughs & Sue Hillman
MamboDirty Mambo2000David & Ann Lavery
FoxtrotDiana Ft1981Ken & Vi Agar
QuickstepDiamond Qst2008John & Maureen Dack
FoxtrotDiamond Jubilee Ft1996Ian & Sue Webster
ChaDiamond Jubilee Cha Cha1996David & Ann Lavery
BluesDiamond Bl2005Graham & Kathy Thomson
TangoDiablo Tango1968Maurice Tait
TangoDevoran Tango1994Michael & Ann Morris
Fast WaltzDestiny Wlz1950The O/T Committee of the Official Board
BluesDesmond BlUnknown
BluesDesi Bl1986Annette Sheridan & Ray Reeves
RumbaDerwent Rumba2003Michael & Angela Hayton
FoxtrotDerwent Ft1995Michael & Angela Hayton
QuickstepDerby Qst1966Bill Waite
FoxtrotDepiro FtM Sheard
Slow WaltzDenverdale MW1992Steven & Diane Shaw
FoxtrotDelta Ft2008Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoDelgada Tango1980Derek Tonks & Beryl Bates
TangoDel Rosa TangoLen Banks
TangoDel Mar Tango1980Alice & Stan Haines
RumbaDel Fuego Rumba2008Stuart Perry & Beverly Howard
QuickstepDeejay Qst1980Lewis & Joan Wilson
RumbaDedication Rumba2009Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
Slow WaltzDecade MW2000Ron Prescott Canberra
BluesDebbie Bl1989Michael & Ann Morris
Slow WaltzDawn's MW1999Don & June Millington
Fast WaltzDawn Wlz1960Joe Smith Sydney
Slow WaltzDawn MW1971Joan Wilson
FoxtrotDaphne Ft2005Ian & Sue Webster
SchottischeDanube SchUnknown
TangoDanielle Tango1993Don Millington & June Macready
BluesDaniel Bl1999Graham & Avril Watkins
SwingDalton Swing1988Ted & Sue Burroughs
TangoDallas Tango1980Jeff & Muriel Aldren
ChaD.J. Cha Cha1996Dorothy Hudson & Jean Taylor
BluesD.G. and H.J. Bl1993Colin Ogilvie
TangoCzardas Tango2009Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
QuickstepCyprio Qst1995Michelle Webster & David Howker April 1995
SwingCypress Swing2006Ian & Sue Webster
SaunterCygnet Snt2004Tracy Schofield & Alison Daley
SaunterCumbrian Snt2002Michael & Angela Hayton
BluesCuddling Bl1978David & Greta Darman
Fast WaltzCuckoo Wlz1950Henry Clarke
Fast WaltzCuckoo Wlz1950Unknown
RumbaCuban Rock Rumba1982Frances & Yvonne Carr
SaunterCrystal Snt1981Lewis & Joan Wilson
QuickstepCrystal Qst1974Unknown
ChaCrystal Cha Cha2009Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
BluesCruise Bl2000Ian Rowe & Valerie Gilligan
Fast WaltzCrown & Cornet Wlz1955W.B. Arkley
ChaCrossway Cha Cha2007Ellen Harrison & Kelly Sloan
TangoCroft Tango1986Barry & Julie Earnshaw
Slow WaltzCrinoline MW1966Unknown
QuickstepCresta Qst1988Michael Davies & Betty Baker
TangoCreole Tango1975Ken Park
Slow WaltzCradle MW1985Annette Sheridan & Ray Reeves
JiveCrackerjack Jive2004Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
QuickstepCracker Jack Qst1987Colin Pople
ChaCracker Barrel Cha Cha1996Arthur & Jean Parr
Fast WaltzCountess Wlz1995Robert & Louise Aldred
ChaCottonwood Cha Cha2010Ian & Sue Webster
RumbaCosmopolitan Rumba1994David Howker & Michelle Webster
JiveCosmic Jive1996Malcolm T Brister & Shelagh Buckley
QuickstepCorsa Qst1982Paul & Allison Platts
ChaCorrida Cha Cha1990Michael & Ann Morris
SaunterCoronation SntJessie Ives & Mr L Brice
PolkaCoronation Polka1953Frank Noble
QuickstepCoromandel Qst1996Ian & Sue Webster
ChaCornelian Cha Cha2002Ian & Sue Webster
TangoCordilia Tango1984Ray Hodgkinson
SaunterCoral Snt1978Ken & Elaine Park
Fast WaltzCoquette Wlz1953Maurice Smart
Slow WaltzCoppelia MWJohn Legge
QuickstepCooper's Qst1992Dennis & Vicki Kroll
JiveCooper's Jive2008Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
RumbaContinental Rumba1995George McDonald & Kyla Bellingall
QuickstepContinental QstT Veare
ChaContinental Cha Cha1990Nicola Twigg & David Barrett
SaunterContara Snt1995June Day
Slow WaltzConstance MW1998Don Millington & June Macready
TangoConroy Tango1981Ted & Sue Burroughs
QuickstepConomara Qst1998Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
FoxtrotConiston Ft1998Michael & Angela Hayton
QuickstepCongress Qst1966Betty Dyce
SambaConcorde SambaMichael Pharoah & Julie Williams
ChaCommador Cha Cha1992Michael & Ann Morris
QuickstepComet Qst1986Denness & Millie Garraway
SaunterColumbine Snt1991Ken & Barbara Street
ChaColosseum Cha Cha2001Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
Fast WaltzColleen WlzW. Northey Rosebery
Fast WaltzCollad Wlz1989Heather Ellem
ChaColimar Cha Cha1995Madge & Tony Curley
TangoColdan Tango1985Cyril Vincent
ChaCognac Cha Cha1982David Bullen
ChaCocobola Cha1998Ian & Sue Webster
ChaCocktail Cha Cha1985Jeff & Muriel Aldren
JiveCoca Rola Jive1994Jean & Arthur Parr
Fast WaltzClub Wlz1933Pat Hynes
ChaClio Cha Cha1991David Hipshaw & Pauline Griffiths
SaunterClifton Snt1982Jeff & Muriel Aldren
QuickstepClifton QstColin Simpson
TangoCleopatra Tango1989Sid & Shirley Robson
QuickstepClementine QstStan Walsh
Slow WaltzClearwater MW2009Robert & Louise Aldren
ChaClaymore Cha Cha1991Graham & Kathy Thomson
Slow WaltzClaudia's MW1991Graham & Kathy Thomson
RumbaClassique Rumba1989Michael Beetham & Rita Carradus
FoxtrotClaringo Ft1973Clarry Clarke
TangoClarendon Tango1973Derek Tonks & Beryl Bates
Slow WaltzClaire Helen MW1982Peter Furness
QuickstepClactonian Qst1982S.R. Baxter
Fast WaltzCircular Wlz1961Combined Societies O/T
RumbaCinzano Rumba1976David Bullen
Fast WaltzCinderella WlzJoe Smith
Slow WaltzCinderella MW1973Ken & Vi Agar
QuickstepCincinatti Qst2007Robert & Louise Aldred
ChaChucci Cha Cha2007Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
Fast WaltzChrysanthemum Wlz1917James Telford & A Bell
FoxtrotChristopher?s Ft2006Pat Thompson
Slow WaltzChristmas MWJohn & Rose Shepherd
SaunterChristine SntUnknown
SaunterChristina Snt1981Morris Langham
ChaChristiana Cha Cha1997Paul & Susan Wallace
Fast WaltzChoristers Wlz1953F. J. Mainey
SalsaChocolate Salsa2009Bernard and Lyn Pearson
ChaChirpy Cha Cha1987Ted & Sue Burroughs
ChaChino Cha Cha1989Michael & Ann Morris
ChaChinchilla Cha Cha1990Graham Crookes & Doreen Wareing
JiveChilli Pepper Jive2003Michael Morris & Beverly Berry
ChaChilli Cha Cha1990Albert & Florence Clark
ChaChiki Cha Cha1966Ken Park
SaunterChiffon Snt1980Edgar & Doris Holroyd
ChaChico Cha Cha1985Neil & Lesley Marshall
SwingChicago Swing1930Gerald Hayles Australian version
ChaChianti Cha Cha2004Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SwingChevy Swing1993Colin Taylor & Carol Thirlaway
FoxtrotChevron Ft2001Neil & Lesley Marshall
Slow WaltzCheviot MW2002Deborah Long & Renee Turner
ChaChestnut Cha ChaStan Walsh
FoxtrotCheslyn Ft1994Terry & Ethyl Grundy
SaunterCherry Tree Snt1982Ted & Sue Burroughs
ChaCherry B Cha Cha1983Ken Park
ChaCherokee Cha Cha1988Reg & Joyce Bentley
TangoCherished Tango1999Graham & Avril Watkins
ChaChequers Cha Cha2006Edwin Vickers & Beverly Murch-Fowkes
BluesCheney Bl1992Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
TangoChelsea Tango1987Don & Jan Nicholson
Slow WaltzChelsea MW1975Jack & Olive Fletcher
ChaCheers Cha ChaTom Veare
ChaChattanooga Cha Cha2008Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
Slow WaltzCharminster MW1989Ken & Barbara Street
Fast WaltzCharmaine WlzUnknown
Fast WaltzCharmaine Wlz1967Joe Smith Sydney
SaunterCharmaine Snt1978Ray & Christine Hodgkinson
SchottischeCharmaine Sch1934Norm Chapple Combined Societies O/T
RumbaCharmaine Rumba1984Barry & Julie Earnshaw
Slow WaltzCharlotte's MW1996Graham & Kathy Thomson
JiveCharlie's Jive1981Ken Park
ChaCharlie's Cha Cha1993Dorothy Hudson & Jean Taylor
TangoCharleston Tango2001Robert & Louise Aldred
SwingCharleston SwingUnknown
MarchChardonnay Two Step2000Les & Pat Thompson
SaunterChantel Snt2003Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoChanel Tango1974David Bullen & Denise Mayo
QuickstepChandella Qst1990Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
SaunterChandelier SntAndrew Crozier
ChaChan Ha's Cha Cha2002Barbara & Bill Tapscott
QuickstepChampagne Qst2006Neil & Lesley Marshall
FoxtrotChameleon Ft1999Pat Thopmson
SaunterChallimar Snt1987Ted & Sue Burroughs
ChaCha Chafor Three1984H. Van Gaart
ChaCha Cha Par1994Arthur & Jean Parr
ChaCha Cha Marrakech2000Michael Morris & Beverley Berry
ChaCha Cha Madrid1999Michael Morris & Beverley Berry
ChaCha Cha Lemar2003Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
ChaCha Cha Brazil2000Michael Morris & Beverley Berry
ChaCha Cah Capiche1998Darren & Elaine Park
TangoCerise Tango1989Jim & Madge Curley
SaunterCerise Snt1992Graham & Avril Watkins
MarchCentennial Three StepLaurie McCabe
Slow WaltzCentennial MW2002Paul & Edna Brearley
SaunterCentenary Snt1992Jim & Madge Curley
Slow WaltzCentenary MW1994Malcolm T Brister
QuickstepCeltic Qst2010Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SaunterCelica Snt1985Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
SaunterCeleste Snt1985Dorothy Vincent
SaunterCelebration Snt2000Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SchottischeCelebration SchPat Thompson
Slow WaltzCelebration MW2003Joy & Brian Venables
SaunterCeefax Snt1984Joyce Marland
ChaCee Gee Cha Cha2002Harry & Shirley Oliver
SaunterCedar Snt1997Ian & Sue Webster
ChaCecelia Cha Cha1971Eddy Whitfield
FoxtrotCavendish Ft1987Kathleen & Malcolm Neville
QuickstepCavalier Qst1973Alwyn Leathley
QuickstepCaterham Qst2008Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
QuickstepCatchy Qst1985Graham Thomson & Kathy Bugler
ChaCatbells Cha Cha2005Michael & Angela Hayton
TangoCastella Tango1968Edward & Moira Whinfield
QuickstepCassius Qst1989Neville Boyd
Slow WaltzCassino Royale MW1988Peg & Jim Ryan & Max Tulloch
QuickstepCassie Qst1996Graham & Kathy Thomson
ChaCassandra Cha Cha1988Michael & Ann Morris
ChaCasino Cha Cha1981Steve White
Slow WaltzCashmere MW2008Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoCascade Tango1982Ted & Sue Burroughs
ChaCasbud Cha Cha1983Neil & Lesley Marshall
ChaCasbah Cha Cha2009Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
RumbaCasanova Rumba1975Ken Park
ChaCarvoeiro Cha Cha1988Ray Hodgkinson & Jean Robson
TangoCarradale Tango1983Harold Lonyon
QuickstepCarr-Naze Qst1985Ted & Sue Burroughs
SaunterCarousel Snt1991Howard & Joanne Cookson
QuickstepCarousel Qst1995Paul & Susan Wallace
SchottischeCarousel1974Jack & Joy Gullick
QuickstepCaroline Qst1982Morris Langham
FoxtrotCaroline FtR Johnson Glasgow
SaunterCarolina Snt1970Tony Dyer
BluesCarolina BlJohn Brookes
Slow WaltzCaroland MW2000Andrew Pigg & Caroline Roberts
ChaCaroland Cha Cha1994Andrew Pigg & Caroline Roberts
Slow WaltzCarol's MW2002Graham & Kathy Thomson
QuickstepCarnoustie Qst2010Jim & Hazel Wake
QuickstepCarnival Qst2009Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
ChaCarnival Cha Cha1988Ted & Sue Burroughs
TangoCarnaval Tango1997Russ Hesketh
FoxtrotCarnaby Ft1973Yvonne & Roger Corkery
SwingCarly Swing2010Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
QuickstepCarlton Qst1963A Whitley
FoxtrotCarlton Ft1979J & L Cummingham
QuickstepCarlswood QstC. S. Wood
Slow WaltzCarliol MW1993Michael & Angela Hayton
ChaCarley Cha Cha1990Michael & Ann Morris
QuickstepCarldean Qst1981Frank & Flo Howard
Slow WaltzCarina MW1978Mr J Cunningham
SambaCaribbean Samba2010Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
RumbaCaribbean Rumba1976Ken & Barbara Street
Slow WaltzCaribbean MW1997Michael Pharoah & Julie Williams
FoxtrotCaribbean Ft1986Alwyn Leathley & Elsie Platts
Fast WaltzCaressa Wlz1947Jack Kennedy
BluesCarefree Bl1953John Brookes
ChaCaravelle Cha Cha1987Philip & Yvonne Ainsley
TangoCaprina Tango1982Annette Sheridan
SaunterCaprice Snt1971Robert Courts
RumbaCaprice Rumba1994Ken & Barbara Street
TangoCapri Tango1993George Wanstall
ChaCappuccino Cha Cha2000Alison Daley & Tracey Schofield
QuickstepCappachino Qst2000Don & June Millington
QuickstepCapers Qst2003Pat Thompson
TangoCape Town Tango1997Don Millington & June Macready
QuickstepCanterbury Qst2002Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
Fast WaltzCandy Wlz1984Yvonne Stanley & Maurice Tait
SwingCandy Swing1983Ted & Sue Burroughs
Slow WaltzCandy MW1960Sam Clegg
Slow WaltzCandlelight MW1956Sylvester Burrows
Slow WaltzCandleglow MW1988Jill Bush
ChaCanberra Cha Cha1979Derek Tonks & Beryl Bates
ChaCanasta Cha Cha1998Neil & Lesley Marshall
RumbaCanaria Rumba2001David Trowbridge & Beverley Crowder
MarchCanadian Three StepUnknown
MarchCanadian Three StepUnknown
SwingCanadian SwingH Davies
Fast WaltzCamron Wlz2008Pat Thompson
QuickstepCamptown QstJohn Phillips
ChaCampari Cha Cha2004Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
QuickstepCameron Qst1984Michael Davies & Betty Baker
Slow WaltzCameo MW1972Irene Watling & Bernard Wilding
JiveCameo Jive1987Ken & Barbara Street
ChaCameo Cha Cha1988Ted & Sue Burroughs
TangoCamellia Tango1952Eric Stonehouse & Marjorie Wantling
RumbaCamellia Rumba2001Ian & Sue Webster
ChaCalypso Cha Cha1987Ray Hodgkinson & Jean Robson
JiveCaloundra Jive1997Don Cornes
QuickstepCallare Qst2003Graham & Kathy Thomson
Slow WaltzCallam's MW1990Graham & Kathy Thomson
FoxtrotCalendar Ft2010Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
ChaCaledonian Cha Cha2002Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
QuickstepCairoli Qst1965Lewis & Joan Wilson
QuickstepCaedmon Qst2008Kevin Page &Valerie Laws
ChaCadiz Cha Cha1981Roger & Yvonne Corkery
ChaCadbury Cha Cha2002Graham & Avril Watkins
ChaCaborita Cha Cha1999Ray & Bridget Fenton-Storey
SwingCabaret Swing1969Frank Short
TangoCabanda Tango1981Bob Jackson & Daisy Roberts
JiveC.K. Jive1997Roy & Jean Hopkinson
ChaC.J. Cha Cha1992Clive & Jennifer Hurt
TangoC5 Tango2004Graham & Avril Watkins
Slow WaltzButtermere MW2005Michael & Angela Hayton
Slow WaltzBurnie Brae MW1994George & Helen Hodgson
RumbaBurnett Rumba2009Gwendoline Marsden
BluesBurley Griffin Bl2005Joy & Brian Venables
TangoBurgundy Tango1982Jeff & Muriel Aldren
Slow WaltzBundaberg MW2009Gwendoline Marsden
BluesBuddleia Bl2004Ian & Sue Webster
JiveBucks Fizz Jive1996Michael Morris & Beverley Berry
BluesBuckland Bl2009Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
ChaBuble Cha Cha2004Neil & Lesley Marshall
TangoBrookthorpe Tango2005Beverley Murch-Fowkes & Edwin Vickers
FoxtrotBrookside Ft1987Audrey Bromage & Michelle Webster
SchottischeBrooklyn SchJoe Smith
TangoBronze Tango1981Alf & Peggy Hoskings
QuickstepBroadway Qst1959Mrs Edith Farmer
FoxtrotBroadway Ft2001Script by Alan Wright
BluesBroadway Bl1986Ted & Sue Burroughs
SaunterBritannia Snt1958The Official Board of Ballroom Dancing
Slow WaltzBritannia MW1956Alf & Peggy Hoskins
QuickstepBrisbane Qst1998Wendy Palmer
BluesBrisbane City Bl2000Les & Helen Andrews for John & Elaine
QuickstepBrimar Qst2005Neil & Lesley Marshall
QuickstepBrighton Qst1972Nancy Clarke & Eric Stonehouse
Slow WaltzBridal MWUnknown
SwingBrennan Swing2006Barbara & Bill Tapscott
BluesBreakaway Bl1946Adele Roscoe & Freddie Fitzgerald
SambaBrazilian Samba1988Michael Beetham & Rita Carradus
TangoBrazil Tango1966Frank Short
BluesBranson Bl1987Morris & Joan Langham
BluesBrandy Bl1998Graham & Kathy Thomson
Bosa NovaBramble Bossa Nova2005Ian & Sue Webster
BluesBoyden Bl1996Graham & Avril Watkins
SwingBoulevard Swing1980Ted Burroughs & Sue Hillman
MarchBoston Two Step1908Tom Walton
Bosa NovaBossa Nova Brazil1996Don Millington & June Macready
BluesBossa Nova Bl1982Betty Croasdale & Fred Dawson
Bosa NovaBossa Nova 871987Ted & Sue Burroughs
Slow WaltzBorrowdale MW2007Michael & Angela Hayton
Slow WaltzBorder MW1992Michael & Angela Hayton
JiveBoogie Woogie Jive2008Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SwingBoogie Swing1980Patricia Jay
JiveBoogie Jive1995Michael & Ann Morris
JiveBoogie Beat Jive1989Bill & Grace McMillan
Slow WaltzBonnie Jean MW2001Bruce Scott
FoxtrotBonhaven Ft2001Harry & Shirley Oliver
JiveBombay Jive2010Neil & Lesley Marshall
RumbaBolero Rumba1983Yvonne & Roger Corkery
TangoBoleen Tango1969Mr & Mrs Albert Boal Combined Societies O/T
BluesBohemian Bl1952Bill & May Botham
SaunterBohan Snt1990Ray Hemming
SwingBobbie Swing1989Jim & Madge Curley
Slow WaltzBluebird MW1982Michael Davies
SwingBlueberry Swing2005Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SwingBluebell Swing2007Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
Slow WaltzBluebell MW1996Michael Walsh & June Nicholls
ChaBlue Wren Cha Cha2008Barbara & Bill Tapscott
TangoBlue Water Tango2009Ray Fenton-Storey & Lissia Giles
RumbaBlue Sapphire Rumba1984Ted & Sue Burroughs
TangoBlue Ridge Tango2000Robert & Louise Aldred
ChaBlue Riband Cha Cha2006Beverley Murch-Fowkes & Edwin Vickers
RumbaBlue Orchid Rumba1982Ted & Sue Burroughs
Slow WaltzBlue Ocean MWJohn Legge
SaunterBlue Nile Snt1986Morris Langham
RumbaBlue Mosque Rumba1979Ted Burroughs & Sue Hillman
RumbaBlue Moon Rumba1983Ted & Sue Burroughs
RumbaBlue Maze Rumba1987Ted & Sue Burroughs
MamboBlue Mambo2001Andrew Pigg & Caroline Roberts
Slow WaltzBlue Lady MW2000Don Hetherington
Slow WaltzBlue Lady MW1968Marjorie Atkinson
Slow WaltzBlue Lace MW1991Ken & Barbara Street
JiveBlue Jeans Jive1999Michael Morris & Beverley Berry
Slow WaltzBlue Heaven MW1985Helen Bass
Slow WaltzBlue Heather MW1984Ken & Barbara Street
TangoBlue Haven Tango1989Joseph Wareing & Margaret Littler
SaunterBlue Grass Snt1984G. Gordon Stuart
BluesBlue Eyes Bl1983Annette Sheridan
Slow WaltzBlue Dawn MW1991Mary Cruickshank
Fast WaltzBlue Danube Wlz1940F. J. Mainey
Slow WaltzBlue Coral MWJohn Legge
RumbaBlue Bayou Rumba1983Ted & Sue Burroughs
RumbaBlue Angel Rumba2006Beverley Murch-Fowkes & Edwin Vickers
Slow WaltzBlossom MW2004Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
Bosa NovaBlighty Bossa Nova1995Don Millington & June Macready
StrollBlenheim Stroll1974Alan Wright (2001)
RumbaBlanford Rumba1984Vernon Kemp
SwingBlairhall Swing2005June Day & Robin Flynn
TangoBlackpool Tower Tango1994Arthur & Jean Parr
SwingBlackpool SwingPeter Haynes
JiveBlackjack Jive1998Michael Morris & Beverley Berry
TangoBlack Prince TangoJohn Legge
TangoBlack Mask TangoHarold Walters
TangoBlack Knight Tango1985John & Jean Legge
BluesBl GlideUnknown
Fast WaltzBirthday WlzArthur Jones & Joan Wright
BluesBirthday Bl2004Graham & Avril Watkins
BluesBirmingham Bl2007Graham & Avril Watkins
BluesBinburra Bl1988Heather Ellem
MarchBilmay Two StepBill Botham
BluesBiju Bl2004Barbara & Bill Tapscott
SchottischeBijou SchT. H. Bennett
Slow WaltzBicentenial MW1987Neville Boyd
RumbaBianco Rumba1977David Bullen & Margaret Redmond
ChaBianco Cha Cha2003Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
ChaBeyzabanu Cha Cha1997Colin Piper
BluesBeverlina Bl2000David Trowbridge & Beverley Crowder
Fast WaltzBeverley WlzNorm Chapple Combined Societies O/T
SaunterBeverley Snt1981Norman & Margaret Yates
FoxtrotBeverley Joy Ft2004Len Hill & Beverley Cantwell
Slow WaltzBeverley Anne MW1988Ted Burroughs
SaunterBettina Snt1988David Howker & Elizabeth Atkinson
Slow WaltzBessie's MW1997Phillip & Helen Blackburn

BluesBerties Bl1995David Howker & Michelle Webster
BluesBernstan Bl1995Neil & Lesley Marshall
TangoBernini Tango1998Neil & Lesley Marshall
QuickstepBernena Qst1994Neil & Lesley Marshall
FoxtrotBermuda Ft1965Mr Frank Short
TangoBerlina Tango1987Barry Jones & Elaine Starkey
PolkaBerlin Polka1950Unknown
BluesBerkeley Bl1990Peter Sharpe
FoxtrotBenita Ft1974Derek Tonks & Beryl Bates
Slow WaltzBen's MW2005Deborah Long & Janet McDonald
FoxtrotBelrose Ft1972Bill & Louie Harvey
QuickstepBelmont QstLen Jackson
FoxtrotBellevue Ft2002Don Heatherington
Slow WaltzBellerby MW1991Philip Ainsley & Lorraine Heron
Slow WaltzBellas MWA Scawthorn
Bosa NovaBella Bossa Nova1992June Macready & Don Millington
BluesBelinda Bl1980Margaret & Norman Yates
BluesBelconnen Bl1990Ron Prescott
RumbaBeguine Rumba1984Annette Sheridan & Ray Reeves
JiveBee Hive Jive1991John & Jean Moody
QuickstepBee Bee Qst1976Bill & Betty Hunter
BluesBedworth Bl2008Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
TangoBeatrice TangoA Whitley
SwingBavarian Swing1986Yvonne & Francis Carr
QuickstepBarrel House QstJohn Legge
BluesBarnaby Bl2001Harry & Barbara Howarth
JiveBarn Dance JiveUnknown
BluesBarn Dance BlCharles Howling
BluesBarclay Bl1943Jack Kennedy
BluesBarbarella Bl1979David Bullen
Slow WaltzBarbara's MW2006Michael Stevenson & Ann Brown
ChaBarbados Cha Cha1981Ted & Sue Burroughs
BluesBaracuda Bl1980Ted Burroughs & Sue Hillman
BluesBanyan Bl1996Ian & Sue Webster
SaunterBamboo Snt1988Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
BluesBamboo Bl2006Ian & Sue Webster
BluesBambi Bl1962David Rollinson & Barbara Heathcote
BluesBaltimore Bl2005Robert & Louise Aldred
TangoBalmoral Tango1953Audrey Sylvester & John Eke
BluesBalmoral Bl1971Robert Stewart
BluesBallerina Bl1995Ted & Sue Burroughs
MarchBalance Two-StepMrs. R. W. D'Vine
BluesBagdale Bl2006Kevin Page &Valerie Laws
SaunterBabalu Snt1980David Bullen
BluesB.G. Bl1987Neville Boyd
ChaB.B. Cha Cha2007Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
TangoAztec Tango2001Kevin & Denise Jones
JiveAztec Jive2011Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SaunterAzalia Snt1993Dorothy Hudson & Jean Taylor
Slow WaltzAzalea MW1973Betty Baker
FoxtrotAzalea Ft1962Jacqueline Jay
QuickstepAvon Qst1963George Morris
Slow WaltzAvon MW2003Paul & Edna Brearly
TangoAvocado Tango1981Ray & Christine Hodgkinson
SaunterAviemore Snt1968Robert Stewart
SaunterAvenue Snt2007George Wanstall
TangoAvanti Tango2001David Bullen & Iverna Corcoran
Fast WaltzAvalon WlzUnknown
QuickstepAva-Bo Qst2010Neil & Lesley Marshall
Fast WaltzAutumn Wlz1964Eric & Joy Entwistle
Slow WaltzAutumn Mist MW1989Audrey Bromage & Michelle Webster
BluesAustralia Day Bl1989Arthur Spencer & Valmai Farthing
Slow WaltzAurora MW1994Michelle Webster & David Howker
FoxtrotAurora Ft1989Lewis & Joan Wilson
Slow WaltzAuld Acquaintance MWS Walsh
RumbaAtlanta Rumba1992Elizabeth Atkinson & Paul Wallace
SwingAstral Swing1997Malcolm Brister & Shelagh Buckley
SaunterAstoria Snt1974Derek Tonks & Beryl Bates
SwingAshton Swing2008Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
BluesAshley's Bl2002Barbara & Bill Tapscott
Slow WaltzArthur's MW1993Pat Thompson
TangoArrogance TangoMaurice Crosby
TangoArmano Tango2010Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
TangoArmadillo Tango2005Alison Daley & Tracey Schofield
TangoArmadale Tango1989Annette Sheridan & Ray Reeves
QuickstepArizona Qst1965J.C & I Hill
TangoArgus Tango2009Andrea & John Barwick
MarchArgentine Two Step1966Albert Boal
TangoArgentine TangoUnknown
Slow WaltzArcadia MW1997John & Maureen Dack
FoxtrotArcadia Ft2004Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
TangoAramis Tango1975Joan Elstub
SwingArabian SwingTom Veare
Slow WaltzAquilla MW1981Ted & Sue Burroughs
SaunterAquarius Snt1981Edgar Holroyd
RumbaAquarius Rumba1970Ken Park
Slow WaltzAquamarine MW2009Stuart Perry & Beverly Howard
Slow WaltzAquaintance MW1983Annette Sheridan
BluesAqua Bl1994Graham & Avril Watkins
SambaApril Sambaunknown
FoxtrotApril Ft1992Graham & Avril Watkins
BluesApril Bl1987Annette Sheridan & Ray Reeves
RumbaApricot Rumba1985Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood
QuickstepAppleby Qst1990Jeff & Muriel Aldren
SalsaApple Salsa2003Ian & Sue Webster
Slow WaltzApple Blossom MW1992Samantha Haywood
RumbaApollo Rumba1993Paul Wallace & Elizabeth Atkinson
QuickstepApollo Qst1970Arthur Lightfoot
TangoApache Tango1976Edgar & Doris Holroyd
TangoAntigua Tango1998Michael Pharoah & Julie Williams
Fast WaltzAnniversary Wlz1958O/T version written with NV terminology
SchottischeAnniversary SchPat Thompson
QuickstepAnnette Qst1970Don Phillips
Slow WaltzAnna-Lisa MW2010Andrea & John Barwick
Slow WaltzAnna's MW2003John & Andrea Barwick
ChaAnitra Cha Cha1991Alwyn Leathley & Elsie Platts
SaunterAnita Snt1981Terry & Ethel Grundy
SaunterAnimation Snt1987Colin Ogilvie
SwingAnfield Swing2001Graham & Kathy Thomson
TangoAndross Tango1986Margaret Anderson
RumbaAndalucia Rumba2003Graham & Kathy Thomson
TangoAnaconda Tango2004Tracey Schofield & Alison Daley
RumbaAmour Rumba1982Peter Varley
TangoAmoretta TangoStan Walsh
TangoAmigos TangoJohn Brookes
TangoAmigo Tango1987Ray Hodgkinson & Jean Robson
Slow WaltzAmethyst MW2000Pat Thompson
Slow WaltzAmethyst MW2010Stuart Perry & Beverly Howard
FoxtrotAmethyst Ft1996Graham & Kathy Thomson
SaunterAmbleside Snt2008Michael & Angela Hayton
SambaAmber Samba2000Howard & Joanne Cookson
TangoAmbassador Tango1983Ted & Sue Burroughs
SaunterAmara Snt2006Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
Slow WaltzAlwyn's MWA Whitley
FoxtrotAlvin Ft1992Alan & Alice Cutts
BluesAlvaston Bl1975Tony & Denise Dyer
QuickstepAlva Qst1987Alf & Vera Walker
SambaAlton Barn DanceUnknown
StrollAlpine Stroll2006Ian & Sue Webster
JiveAlphabet Jive1990Steven & Diane Shaw
Slow WaltzAlpha MW1969Sequence Official Board
SambaAlmera Saunter1999Neil & Lesley Marshall
TangoAlma Tango1985Lewis & Joan Wilson
FoxtrotAljulay Ft1980Annette Sheridan
Slow WaltzAlistan MWS Powell
QuickstepAlison Qst1976Ray & Christine Hodgkinson
Slow WaltzAlice MW1972Derek Tonks & Beryl Bates
Slow WaltzAlexis MW1974Derek Tonks & Beryl Bates
TangoAlbany Tango1963Mr Frank Short
QuickstepAlbany Qst1975Derek Tonks
FoxtrotAlbany Ft1998Robert & Louise Aldred
QuickstepAlay Qst1989Alwyn Leathley & Elsie Platts
Slow WaltzAlana MW1987Jackie Sanderson
SwingAlabama Swing1975Sam & Irene Faultley
QuickstepAlabama Qst1971Bill & Maude Stevenson
JiveAjuga Jive2001Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
SambaAggi Samba1968Vivien Carrie
MarchAero Two-StepR. B. Kennedy
RumbaAdore Rumba1989Audrey Bromage & Michelle Webster
Slow WaltzAdoration MW1957Unknown
RumbaAdora Rumba2010Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
Fast WaltzAdelaide Wlz1967Lewis & Joan Wilson
FoxtrotAcer Ft2003Ian & Sue Webster
FoxtrotAce High Ft1983Cliff & Gwen Abbot
FoxtrotAcacia Ft1995Graham & Kathy Thomson
JiveAbi's Jive2005Michael Stevenson & Ann Brown
FoxtrotAbbeydale Ft1983Neil & Lesley Marshall
SwingAbbey Swing1997Peter Nuttall & Ann Morris
QuickstepAbax Qst1988Annette Sheridan & Ray Reeves
QuickstepA & A Qst1992Alan & Alice Cutts
Swing1976 Swing1976Pam & Eric Toulson
Swing42nd Street Swing2002Robert & Louise Aldred
Cha39 Cha Cha1987Audrey Bromage & Michelle Webster
Slow WaltzZenas Waltz2014John Batterham & Loreen Disipio


See the most popular 100 sequence dances done in the general and greater Brisbane area
Taken as a cross section of all “pool dances” done at venues listed – Widely done dances across Qld
Standard (nee Modern)– Slow Waltz, Foxtrots, Fast Waltz (Old Time – Viennese), Tango, Quicksteps.
Latin – Bosa Nova, Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive
New Voguenumerous styles including: Slow Waltz, Fast Waltz,  Foxtrot, Tango and March.

note: the ** denotes the current Dancesport Competition dances still done today

Slow WaltzFoxtrotsFast WaltzTangoQuickstepLatinOther
AlphaAlpine StrollCharmaineBlack KnightBluebell SwBella Bosa NovaEvening 3 Step **
Autumn MistAlvaston BluesColleenLa Bomba **Boulevarde SwOrlando ChaGypsy Tap **
BluebirdAnimation SntDorotheaTango 44Cameron QsSally ann Cha ChaProg - Alpine Stroll
DreamBallerina BluesEmpressTango Terrific **Georgella BluesMambo MagicProg - Glyngarry Swing
EdenBalmoral BluesGaietyTangoette **Helena QsMiami RProg - Gypsy Tap
EmmerdaleBambi BluesHawaiianTurf TangoMayfair QsQueen of Hearts RProg - Hucklebuck
EngagementBarclay Blues **Killarney ValeSindy SwRosalie RProg - Onlso
HarmonieCarousel Sch **Le GayeRumba ForeverProg - Samba
HoneysuckleCharmaine Sch **Lucille **Rumba OneProg - Jive
JuneCherry Tree SntMargoRunba D'AmourProg - Rockabilly
MagentaDanube SchOxfordSamba Marina
New VogueDomino BluesParma **Festival Glide
RachelsDynasty BluesPride of Erin
SagaExcelsior Sch **Princess
SilverFour winds FtRemembrance
Silver WeddingGlenroy FtSerenade
St ValentinesHarvestime BluesSwing **
VanityIdaho FtTracie Leigh **
Waltz CatherineJacoba BluesTrinity
WitchesJasmin SntTwilight **
WoodsideJoyette SchWaltz Supreme
Merrilyn Sch **
Orlando Sch
Redrose Snt
Riverside Blues
Roberta Snt
Saunter Together
Toowoomba Blues
Venetian Sch


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