The world of Sequenced Ballroom Dance, has had many dance teachers and enthusiasts alike gliding, sliding and twinkling across floors the world over.

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Regardless of your desire to attain “Dance sport” status (competitive) or purely Social Ballroom enjoyment.  You have stepped your way to the right place to do either.

From your requests – we are in the process of developing a home grown script service – there are a few more processes to complete and the service will be available – join the mailing list or keep checking back to find out when.

In keeping with our site and the unshakable home grown talent The Dance script library is on its way for your enjoyment.

While there is nothing that can replace an accredited teacher to learn the dances from. (you can find one here)

Sometimes its not possible and folks say – that if you’re quick, you can learn off the floor,  However the larger dance community united  agree this is a great way to pick up everyone else’s bad habits… (some dances done now have part of the room going in one line of dance and the major part of the room going in the other – clearly they cannot both be correct)

If you would like to try at least with a script you can learn the actual steps LOD and sequence.

See 100 years of Aussie sequence dances
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See the most popular 100 sequence dances done in the general and greater Brisbane area
Taken as a cross section of all “pool dances” done at venues listed – Widely done dances across Qld
Standard (nee Modern)– Slow Waltz, Foxtrots, Fast Waltz (Old Time – Viennese), Tango, Quicksteps.
Latin – Bosa Nova, Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive
New Voguenumerous styles including: Slow Waltz, Fast Waltz,  Foxtrot, Tango and March.

note: the ** denotes the current Dancesport Competition dances still done today[table id=19 /]


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