Did you know there are currently listed around 2450 (give or take) social ballroom dances done accross Australia.

The story of social sequence dancing in Australia is apparently totally undocumented.  So the mammoth task began, several months in and there is a significant base to work from however some areas remain poorly represented and for this we seek you assistance.

Glenn Cooke: 

(This is a work in progress, with your help a database will be created giving a social dance history for all to refer to)

If you have any dance or ball programs you would like to contribute to the project, please send scans here. (or request a mailing address for hard copies) With thanks for your assistance.
Glenn Cooke.

(Glenn is former curator at the Queensland Art Gallery and has extensively pubished on Australian visual arts)

We also would appreciate any and all social dance history, photos, scripts etc.(all items here are for public interest purposes)


From days gone by dance has developed and moved with human kind. Our history is tiny compared to others but we all share a common ground.
Some interesting re-enactments for you to enjoy. (this page will open in a new window)

You can find the history of Australian Social Sequence dance collated so far..

Some data collected – ACT  –  NSW – QLD – SA – TAS -VIC – WA
Click on each column to sort dances done at each venue or area. 

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