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Ballroom dance by its nature is a thing of magnificence in all aspects.

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The art basically comes down to two main forms.

1 – Competitive ballroom – “DanceSport or Freestyle – where in essence the couple focus on little else but themselves, being totally immersed in the dance itself.  This style is both extremely physical and highly competitive in nature and encompasses the 2 main international forms known as “Standard” and “Latin American” and locally our home grown Aussie – “New Vogue” form.
(When you see some of the recorded competitions note how each couple appears to have no concept of others on the floor, displaying their prowess is their focus, done with their utmost finess, giving it absolutely their all)

2 – Social ballroom or sequenced social dancing – where in basically all couples on the floor do the same steps in the same direction allowing for a more orderly use of the floor space and less extreme use of gestures and break aways from each other.   This wonderful pass time is suitable to folks of any age group.  Regardless of your fitness level, there is sure to be a dance place just right for you.

This artform also requires more specific music to fit each script set of dances, ie the music preferably has a distinctive intro then starts and ends with the sequence of the dance.

(Dance scripts allow each couple to follow the choreographed dances forming a circle or in some cases circles inside each other, that encompass the dance floor, this form of dancing as its name implies is far more social in nature  with all couples doing the same sequence at the same time)

Did you know: When couples go to a social dance they can participate in between 40 and 60 dances (ie: if they know them all and if they feel like doing them ) Depending on dance length eg: if the couple do around 40 dances (most sets last around 3 minutes each) this equates to aprox 5 kms of enjoyable excercise.

Dancing a fantastic, rejuvinating physical and social activity.

Here you will find the how when and where of your local Ballroom dance scene.

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